If you are looking to buy a car and want to buy a reliable used one, you should be needing a list of various cars. You should look into the pattern and the other used cars for sale that people are buying. It’s always safe to go with the flow, because if the mass is not reporting a problem with the car, then there is no major issue with that model. So, what should you look for when buying a used car?

Well, people usually buy used cars when they are short on cash. So, if a person is already short on cash, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase a car that requires you to spend more money on its maintenance than the price you bought it for, right? 

One of the most important aspects, when you’re contacting local car dealershipsis to check the reliability and durability of the car, along with the brand reputation. The car must also be affordable in the first place. The car must also be decent and at least enjoyable to drive. Also, the masses should love it, because a niche car wouldn’t make the cut.

Here is a list of the six top-selling cars in the US that you should look out for:

Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevrolet Malibu is one of the most popular cars in the United States. Known for its reliability and affordable pricing, the Malibu offers a mix of all the goodies. Powered by four-cylinder engines, the performance of this American sedan has always been quite enjoyable for its price point. 

The interior has also been friendly with the people’s needs. With a stylish design, though the Malibu is aging, it still has been very popular. It has also maintained a high J.D. Power score, which shows how reliable it has been down the lines. It also offers modern driver assistance features. Though it does not make the top of the list, if you get a good deal on one of these, grab it.

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Chevrolet Cruze

Another Chevrolet model makes the list, being another popular car from America’s very own manufacturer. The Cruze is even cheaper than the Malibu, targeted at those who want to start learning how to drive. The Chevy Cruze was in a market with a lot of tough competition, but it still managed to hold its place. 

This car does not chase the best performance in the class. Rather, it is quite a bland car to drive. But the Cruze focuses on offering a comfortable and decent interior. It also offers a ton of optional safety features, despite being an affordable car. It has also bagged great scores in J.D. Power; which translates to amazing reliability over time.

Kia Forte

This South Korean car has quickly made its way into people’s hearts with its super-stylish design, affordable pricing, and reliability. The Forte comes in two different engine options, but unfortunately, both of them turn out to be quite lazy and will get the job done, but will not be an ideal vessel on the highway. It offers excellent fuel economy figures, which is another great way to save more money. 

The interior also uses quality materials and is quite upscale. It also comes with tons of standard tech and infotainment features. The exterior design is also a big factor that attracts customers – modern, sleek, and handsome. Kia Forte is also extremely reliable with awesome J.D. Power ratings and also comes with a huge warranty. All of which led to its eventual success. It is not only a great used car but also a great new car as well.

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Subaru Forester

Subaru makes some of the most daunting SUVs which are ready to tackle the off-roads more than the on-roads. After the success of the Ascent and the Outback, there is the Subaru Forester. As the name suggests, the Forester can be used to explore different terrains. Focused on offering practicality more than anything else, the Forester is sluggish and can take a long time to reach 60 MPH from a standstill. And these are some of the reasons why the Forester holds its value so well!

Still, it has got the chops to be an excellent off-roader with commanding visibility and high ground clearance. Also, with roof rails, you can attach mountain bikes or any camping gear and head straight into the woods. Being fuel-efficient, the cargo space inside the Forester is also quite big. The interior is kept simple and minimalistic and driver-focused. Also, it is very safe. Finally, the question of reliability comes in and it is great in that too.

Toyota Tacoma

If you are not into sedans, hatchbacks, or SUVs, then you must have a look at any used pickup truck – specifically the Toyota Tacoma. Generally known for its off-roading prowess, it is also a decent on-road driver. The Tacoma is very rugged and an excellent off-roader. Powered by four-cylinder and V6 engines, the ruggedness of the Tacoma has made it popular amongst those who want to carry their goods through the woods. 

The fuel economy might be low, and even though the Tacoma is starting to show its age, its legacy still has made it extremely popular. It is also the only pick-up truck on this list. It does not come with a lot of modern tech features like some of its rivals, but it has the most driver-assistance features in this segment. Couple that with Toyota’s legendary reliability and you have a recipe for success.

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Honda Civic

Whenever you go out of your house, it is pretty likely that you will spot a Honda Civic on the road. Needless to say, the Civic is one of the highest sold vehicles in America and there are a lot of reasons why. This compact Honda has no particular weakness that pulls its status down. Right off the bat, it has a striking exterior design that just keeps getting better and better each year. It has a powertrain which will suffice for most buyers. 

It handles great, is economical, has a strong interior design and quality, good tech and a lot of driver-assistance features. It is a complete family sedan and that’s why it has been so very popular. Also, it is one of the best family sedans to get in used condition, and the great availability of them in the used market is like an icing on the cake. The cheap price and the features are totally worth it.


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