Top 10 Websites for Buying Used Cars

As for the elite first-world countries, many things come as a privilege, quality taking the lead. This is precisely why we encourage buying an overseas used car for yourself if purchasing one is up to your plan. With our top 10 list of safe platforms to order in your most cherished vehicle, there is nothing in between you and your dream car! The quality is better with exclusive features, taxes are excluded, and if border-free, you don’t even have to pay the hefty shipment! With that being said, let us get down to business!


The ultimate hack for cross-comparison, AutoTempest, lets you compare all your options once you have filtered out your specifications. The variety you will get here will be humongous as it aggregates a tonne of options from numerous other web-stores selling the same genre. This is what makes AutoTempest and all at the top of our list. The site adheres to utter transparency and curates items that are worth buying. Please don’t be worried about falling prey to a scam item because anything featured on AutoTempest has undergone strict checks by the websites it draws results from.

2. AutoForTrade

Another growing name in the virtual car industry is none other but AutoForTrade. By far, the site is the easiest to navigate with search filters that get down to business in a matter of seconds, narrow your searches to exactly what you are looking for. AutoForTrade is a platform that generates a wide variety of cars for you to choose at with the fairest prices. The shipment with them is by far the most convenient, and their policies are customer-oriented and transparent. With the 24-hour customer support team always waiting for you to confide in them, the site is pretty reliable and worth trying. Documentation of the cars you buy at this platform is most natural to get over with, so once you press the checkout button, you are just a few days away from riding your dream car.

3. CarGurus

CarGurus is the ingenious hack to fetching the best bargain you can ever nail. They have got a myriad of inventory that is curated from verified dealers. Each item featured has an in-depth analysis printed in its description, narrowing down to the basics of things. The website is not just a “Guru” in the namesake, for it goes all the way as to schooling the newbie buyer with the market value of the car and much more. It educates the user about what makes the car worth the value and if it is the right time to shop for the item for them. The negotiating aspect of the inventory gains a lot more validation with the site as it even keeps track of how long the car has been on the website and how far the price has fluctuated.

4. Autolist

The name does not need any introduction, but we will still fill out the formality. Autolist is all in all the most popular website amongst masses owing to its user-friendly mobile applications rather than just the website. Nonetheless, the website is quite easy to use, as well. The site works as an aggregator, connecting you to various dealers all across the world wide web, generating you scores of results whereby you can choose the best option for yourself.

5. Hemmings 

For the lovers of the classic American state of art beauties created in the early 1900s to the distinct Chrysler Cordoba of the 80s, Hemmings is a platform for the true lovers of vehicles; it’ every collector’s fantasy coming to reality. The website has the realm that has earned it the synonymy of being a museum more than a web store! Nonetheless, the fact that you can fetch a good bargain at the site turns it into something a lot more valuable than just a museum for the collector. Hemmings also offers services for cars and even renders its educational expertise to the public in a newsletter. That’s not all. Hemmings also keeps its clientele updated with valuable knowledge about the industry in its blog.

6. KBB (Kelley Blue Book)

This is the place for you to be at if you sparingly trust government-listed bodies. KBB is a platform that provides the market value of used cars, real-time. In case you have saved up for your dream longer than ever and are contemplating a brand new car, KBB has you covered even for that. Not just that, you can even list your car on there, and the site will help you get the right estimate for its worth. The plans it sets out for the buyer on a budget are also beneficial. KBB is your place to browse if you want to make cross-comparisons for top picks and get the best payment plan and price listing.


Specializing exclusively in used vehicles, the site is quickly gaining momentum in rendering superior services to its users, letting them own their vehicles in the shortest period. The site is straightforward to browse through, and the app they have available for smartphones is their real claim to fame. lists out a huge list of cars with more than 70,000 miles, mostly from verified dealers rather than private owners. The site has the most straightforward sign up through its app where you can scan your driver’s license to sign up, filter out your specs, and the app will derive out the best options available.


For those who depend on a tiny budget and don’t have higher aims for the ride, this one’s for you. BRZO stocks up more than 6 to 7 years old cars, so the classic beauties are no exception here. The site targets the laid man who does not want to break a hole in his/her bank account. What makes this site particularly surprising is that it gets down to the minor details of things like the car’s color and the transmission combination a vehicle comes with. The website has an application available for smartphones. Still, which will cost you approximately $10, but with all the ease and feasibility it provides combined with letting you save all the money on a better deal, it’s worth it!

9. HertzCarSales

The website is smart with its listings and features items that have details and listings that are fair and estimated down to the last penny. Hertz Car Sales also features an app that caters to iPhones and Android, but Hertz Car Sales does not charge you anything for downloading its app, unlike other websites. It is fast and furious with its searches and will generate a quote for you within seconds. Hertz Car Sales is truly worth a try.10.

10. eBay

eBay is where it all began. The giant does not fall short on an introduction and is by far the most prominent virtual market place with over a million listings. The cars are checked for maintenance, but before you get down to paying the dealer, make sure you run a thorough check on their past business ventures. Ratings are critical to eBay shopping. The search filters are pretty efficient at doing what it’s supposed to do. Once you have nailed yourself a verified dealer, there is nothing to regret with eBay. Just make sure the dealer is a fair one.


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