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If you want to produce a high-quality nickel-plated brass waterproof cable gland, you must ensure the high-quality raw material, high standard processing technology, and strict inspection process.

We will teach you all the tips step by step in the following content.

Nickel-plated brass waterproof cable gland consists of two parts mainly: metal part and nylon silicone protective part. So we will make a detailed description of these two parts production separately.

The metal part production process:

1. The raw material of the brass has three grades:

a). Low grade in H54, the brass content percent is around 53% to 54%.

b). Medium grade in H59, the brass content percent is around 57% to 59%, this standard material could pass ROHS standard in Europe, and could be made to be any explosion-proof function products with stable electrostatic conductivity.

c). A high grade in H62, the actual brass content percent could reach 61% to 62%, this grade brass material has a better explosion-proof function and stable electrostatic conductivity than H59, and could reach ROHS 2.0 standard. High-quality raw materials can make the performance of a waterproof cable gland more outstanding, which is a very important prerequisite.

2. Brass rod selection

Firstly please check if the side sides of the rod are symmetrical, smooth and shiny, avoid cracks and defects, the inner hole couldn’t exist oval and eccentric situation.

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If all of the above defects don’t exist, the brass rod is a good standard.

3. Cutting the brass rod in sawing machine

The sawing machine cut the six sides brass rod according to the drawing size, but remain a bit around 1mm to 2mm for CNC lathe processing.

4. Metalworking

All of our equipment adopts advanced digital control system lathe and digitally controlled automatic lathe, you should select the suitable lathe according to the actual drawing.

You must strictly obey the 16949 quality management system during the producing process, making records, and monitor the quality to reach quality controllability and traceability. During the production process, it is strictly forbidden to bump the flash and the appearance of burrs.

5. Electroplating

It adopts commonly used nickel rivets. The thickness of the coating is 0.01MM-0.03MM. The smoke test should be more than 72 hours.

It is necessary to do protective work in the electroplating process. It is strictly prohibited to bump. One side affects the function and appearance of the product.

Good electroplating plays a role in preventing corrosion, improving wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective properties, and enhancing aesthetics.

The electroplating process is the most important process on the surface of the cable gland. The requirements to be performed are as follows:

a). There should be a good bonding force between the coating and the base metal, and between the coatings.

b). The coating should be finely crystallized, smooth, and uniform in thickness.

c). The coating should have the specified thickness and as few pores as possible.

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d). The coating shall have specified indicators, such as brightness, hardness, conductivity, etc.

e). The plating time and the temperature of the plating process determine the thickness of the plating layer.

f). The ambient temperature is -10℃~60℃;

g). The input voltage is 220V±22V or 380V±38V;

h). The maximum working noise of water treatment equipment should be no more than 80dB(A).

i). The relative humidity (RH) should not be greater than 95%;

j). The COD content of the raw water is 100mg/L~150000mg/L

Nylon silicone protective part production process:

1. Material selection

Nylon claw part normally adopts nylon PA66, it could reach V2  fire resistant standard, the rubber parts material is made of EPDM, has an Excellent aging resistance advantage.

The advantages of nylon PA66 material: A. good mechanical strength B. excellent toughness C. excellent wear resistance and self-lubricity D. good oil resistance E. excellent gas barrier F. excellent fluidity and moldability G. Excellent heat resistance, glass fiber reinforced HDT can reach 255

2. Die-casting

molds adopt advanced mold-opening technology that has a longer service life, stable injection quality, without flash, burrs, and bubbles.

3. Machinery and equipment

All of the injection molding machines adopt advanced servo injection molding machines

The servo system has strong adjustment capability, and the pressure closed-loop control makes the system pressure very stable, and the pressure fluctuation is lower than plus or minus 0. 5bar improves the quality of plastic products.

Advantages of servo injection molding machine:

a). At present, the servo motor used by the all-electric injection molding machine realizes opening and closing the mold, ejecting and de-molding, raw material injection, and storage

b). The running speed is fast and precise, greatly improving or improving the production environment and production efficiency.

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c). The response speed can reach 0.03ms, which is much greater than the 0.3ms response speed of the variable pump, thereby significantly improving the control accuracy.

The above content is for cable gland metal parts and nylon silicone protective part Production. We must control the quality also after production before putting in the warehouse.

There are several main things to be considered during inspection:

a). The sealing nut coning is a very important factor for the waterproof function, it will compress the claw and seal to fasten the electrical cable, so we must ensure the coning is made incorrect size.

b). The thread of the cable gland must obey Go/No go gauge, we must test every cable gland thread to be in this standard.

c). All internal and external chamfers are chamfered with R, chamfering, and deburring make the cable gland not sharp and will not cut the electrical cables and users.

d). The plating process is also very important, so we must check the cable gland by visual inspection.

e). The claw and seal must be fit closely without a gap, this will be helpful for fasten the electrical cable.

After entering the finished product warehouse, it needs to be checked again to confirm whether the size of the parts and the assembly are wrong.


High-quality brass cable gland needs high standard raw material, superb technology, and strictly controlled process, every part of the cable gland must be made in a precise machine, the workers and inspection man must be well training.


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