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What are your goals for this coming year? If you’re like most people, you will make a resolution to commit to exercising. Cycling is a popular choice, and it is also healthy and environmentally friendly.

However, before you pick up a brand new hybrid electric bicycle, consider the necessities of a decent ride. There are many things to think about when you buy a bike and several skills to practice to build confidence.

Prepping Your Bike for the New Year

Whether purchasing a women’s cruiser bike or a manual bike, there are things you need to prepare for all-year riding. While things like a helmet, gloves, and pads are at the top of the list, you will also want to pick up a tire repair kit, a bicycle repair kit, and a small first aid kit, at a minimum.

5 Ways To Build Your Confidence on the Road

Aside from purchasing essentials and figuring out the critical differences between a 7 speed vs 21 speed, you will also need to work on your confidence. Many people do not think about the confidence level required to ride a bike, but it is crucial to every cyclist.

Confidence leads to assurances of skill. You can make split-second decisions without second-guessing yourself, which can be the difference between life and death. There are at least five ways to build confidence on the road.

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1. Plan Your Route

One of the best ways to establish confidence on the road is to plan your route. Knowing where you are going and familiarizing yourself with the territory can lead to a sense of calm on the ride. Additionally, riding the same trail can help you focus on building other skills.

2. Know Your Bike

The first thing any rider should do when purchasing a new bike is read the manual. Follow this educational exercise with a ride in a low-traffic area or vacant lot. You need to get a feel for your brakes and controls. Knowing your bike helps you make split-second decisions.

3. Know Hand Signals and Laws

If you are new to cycling or have never taken the time to learn the rules of the road and the regulations about biking, learn them now. Knowing hand signals and basic traffic laws can save your life someday. Additionally, understanding these things makes you a more courteous cyclist.

4. Ride With Friends

Riding with more experienced cyclists can provide a significant confidence boost. You can watch and learn from them, and you can ask questions. Remember to engage in a conversation to learn and grow more next year.

5. Learn Patience

Cycling and confidence require time and patience. Don’t rush the learning process. Attempting to do things before you are ready can lead to injuries. It is best to set up a practice schedule, focusing on one skill at a time.

Get on your bike and create a new healthy habit this year. Talk to a bike shop representative to find all the essential tools and gear you need.

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