Guerrilla Growing

There are many benefits of guerilla growth. These methods are becoming more popular as they are less visible and are less intrusive. But what are the best ways to start guerrilla growing with your indica seeds using fox farms nutrients?

SCROG  cultivation requires proper pruning techniques

SCROG is an acronym for “Social Controlled Reproductive Organization” and is a revolutionary method of growing. It is the best method to grow large amounts without compromising quality or yield. The main goal of SCROG is to produce a large harvest in a short period of time. While the SCROG method can produce large amounts, it does require proper environmental conditions.

The plants are typically 12 inches tall and should be topped once a week. The process involves top pruning once every week to ensure a healthy plant. The result is more weed in a small area. Aside from a smaller setup, scragging allows you to harvest fat nugs and delicious buds. A SCROG beginner’s guide to  Guerilla Growing covers all the necessary information and techniques.

To start, prepare the environment for your plants. First, you need to purchase some pots and a ScrOG screen. Make sure the ScrOG screen is set eight inches above the medium. You can use plastic strips or a square-frame frame to make a scrooge-friendly netting. Place the plastic strips or branches into the voids of the screen. This will cause the plants to branch out and create more buds.

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To Protect Your Plants, Choose A Location That Is Well-Hidden

A location near a stream or lake will make watering plants much easier. Plus, carrying water to a location near water will not raise suspicion. Moreover, locations near water are naturally warmer during winter, so they are less likely to suffer frost damage. In addition, water is more easily absorbed by plants. So, choose a location near the water and reap the benefits.


First of all, the location of where your plants grow is important. The area should be off the beaten path and close to a water source. The location should also be a good distance from paths so that the plants are not seen by passersby. It is also important to plant your seeds in paper pots because the soil in the paper pots retains extra moisture and will not drain.

Next, it’s time to harvest. Guerilla growers start the harvesting process early in the morning. To harvest, they need to prepare a large container that can seal and have a lid. This way, no one will suspect their growing activity. They should carefully cut the branches, keeping the buds intact. It shouldn’t take too long to cut all of the branches. 

For the best results from guerrilla growth, the soil must be rich in organic matter such as peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, and sand. To reduce the watering time, growers can also add a 50/50 mixture of peat moss, compost, and vermiculite to their soil. As an added bonus, it can also hide the smell of the plants.

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Choosing A Location Near Water

Another tip for guerrilla growth is choosing a location near the water. Growing near a stream or lake can be easier since you can use a hose to transport water without looking suspicious. Water will also be absorbed into the soil by the plants, which makes these locations naturally warmer during the winter months. The location will also be less likely to get damaged by frost, making it an ideal location for guerrilla growth.

When it comes to selecting a variety, the best starting point is a ruderal plant. This type of plant is beginner-friendly and may be less potent than other varieties.


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