Quordle is a new word-based game on the web, it is on the same concept as the earlier game Wordle. It is a new game for Wordle lovers. It works by asking the guess for five-letter words in the game. The difference between this game from Wordle is the level of difficulty. It has come on the internet like a storm and engaging the young generation with enthusiasm. Although it is getting popularity still it has yet miles to go to meet the esteem of Wordle. 

Social media has become an essential part of the life of a living being, especially the young ones. If you are active on social media you must have heard about a five-letter daily puzzle game Wordle. It became viral in no time on social media. You can only understand the reason for its fame if you start playing this.  It is a sense of satisfaction if you solve a difficult puzzle on a daily basis. If you solve one by your brain then you must find one more to play with. That is why there should be some alternative to the game to quench your hunger for puzzle-solving. This is good news for the Wordle lovers that Quordle is here for them with a new spike in difficulty level. Now you need not sit and wait for the next day to play the level of Wordle, because Quordle is offering for times a puzzle-solving activity to satisfy your desire to play word puzzles.

Is the concept of Quordle different from Wordle?

There is a mixed answer to this question as this game is somewhat the same as the Wordly-like starting method. When you start playing the features seems to be the same and also feature common alphabet letters like N, C and R as well as vowels. The difference is that after guessing the first letter you will see things get out of your control unlike in Wordle. Moreover, the big differences between the two games are:

  • In Quordle you have more chances to win than in Wordle
  • Each word you guess will pertain to each puzzle at the same time
  • The game selects its puzzle answers erratically
  • The list of words is well-built and larger than the Wordle
  • Quordle puzzle has a special practice mode to be perfect in solving

Where from Quordle came into existence? 

This is the project that was first stimulated by a group of fans of word game players, those who play Wordle or Doodle. This interest in playing word games leads to creating more complicated puzzles and the result is Quordle. At first, it was engineered by David Mah and later the quality is refined by Freddie Meyer. Over two million users play this puzzle game on a daily basis and are seemingly growing. Thus, if you’re inquisitive to observe why Quordle is such immense admired by gamers and also by Wordle fans, this is the article for you. Here you will come to know many aspects of the game, a guide to playing online that precisely illustrates how to install and play Quordle on your Android phone. Let’s first know how to install this with simple and easy steps.

How to install the Quordle game on your Android?

For having Quordle on your android device first of all make sure you navigate the official version of the game. Here is the link to the webpage for you.


Here are the specific steps to install Quordle on your mobile phone:

  • First and the foremost step is to open Google Chrome on your device.
  • Second, navigate to Quordle’s homepage 
  • Access the menu with three vertical dots at the right of the address bar
  • Tap on the option of Install app 
  • The installation will start on your device
  • That’s all, your Quordle app is added to the home screen of your Android device
  • Tap on it to launch the app and you can start playing

How to change the settings of the Quordle puzzle game?

To enhance the electrifying experience of playing this puzzle game, you can turn on and change some of the default options. After doing this you will spend some more solving four daily words instead of one. So, to make your time spent progressive on the game let us look at the available options you can change to have a nice playing practice. 


  • After launching the app on your device, tap on the drop-down menu option in the top right corner.
  • Click on the settings option and you will get the list of options to turn on or off with the help of a slider. 
  • After selecting your desired option of settings, exit your settings option. 

You will see many options in the settings of the game. Details of some of the settings are:

  • Dark Mode- If you will turn the dark mode then it will invert the background of the screen and the text appeared. In this mode, the background will be dark and the text will be light almost white.
  • Color-blind mode- This will change the color of the text with the correct letter highlighted with orange color and incorrect letters with blue color.
  • Switch keys- This option will help you to swap the layout of the keyboard and your shift and backspace positions will be exchanged. You can make use of this option to get the resemblance of your preference.  
  • Vibration mode- It will produce faint sounds at the time of playing a game. In case you do not want to make noise and want to play in silence then turn off this vibrant option. 
  • Achievement notifications- It will show up simply if you turn it on. On this option in case, you have an aide memoir of your attainment when you play the game.
  • Keyboard height- It has a slider and if you make it to the right position then your keys will be taller and will be shorter if the sliding is towards the left side. You can make adjustments according to the running of your fingers on the keyboard. 
  • Fit screen- This is the option to fiddle with your game size and involuntarily fit the four puzzle quadrants without spooling. 
  • Always square tiles- This option is also to play with your screen and it will make it so that you can scroll through the listing of the words. 

How to play the game?

In case you are already familiar with the set of rules of the game Worldle, then it will be easy for you to understand the rules of Quordle as well. In the game, you have to guess four 5-letter words in a total of nine tries. Every letter you will guess will be counted for all four words. That is why the best strategy to play Quordle is to reveal as much information as possible in the first few tries, and then later you can taper down to the definite words. Daily you will a new puzzle and just like Wordle you will get the chance to analyse and share your game results. 

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Steps and colors mean to play a game!!

After the installation is finished on your device, for making it perfect to play you need to follow:

  • Click on the shortcut of Quordle on your home screen.
  • You will get a 2×2 grid with five empty boxes in each row. These are the boxes to guess the words, they will be filled with your selected letters. 
  • For viewing the set of rules tap on the circular question mark icon and then click on the practice option. 
  • Before starting playing the daily puzzle first tap on the practice option. This mode of the game replicates how to solve a typical Quordle puzzle.  plays. Type a 5-letter word guess using your on-screen keyboard and then press enter. 
  • When you input a word it will display a color letter in each word space of all four words. Display the color of the letter to tell you something about your guess like yellow color means your guess letter is in the wrong spot. The green color shows the correct spot of the guessed letter. Next, the grey color illustrates that your guessed letter isn’t in the puzzle word. This is the helpful feature of the Quordle game when the letters visually reflect the position of the letter on the grid. 
  • After having a practice session when you feel you are ready to tackle the daily puzzle then tap on it daily. In the daily mode, each word pressed is counted and you have to finish the puzzle in only nine tries. 
  • Once you are done with the solving puzzle then you will see the option Quordle complete. Under this message, you will the timer for when you will be receiving the next puzzle. 
  • You will get the congratulations message after finishing the daily puzzle. 

How to share your game results with others?

After solving the puzzle Quordle, you have the opportunity to share your results online with other players.

  • For this tap on the share image option, then download and copy the image on the clipboard. 
  • When will download the images it will stamp the date of your image which will be helpful for you to manage your gallery. 
  • Your Quordle game results are displayed spoiler-free no matter which you click on which alternative. 

A few tips to start the Quordle game!!!

Before starting the game and getting the desired results you have to go through certain tips for playing a game. Even then you will the results that you like to share on the web. 

  1. Firstly play through the practice mode of Quordle- This is the mode that was not in The Wordly game. This mode is limitless to practice the Quordle puzzles. It will give you assistance to find the best starting words and also makes you used to the format. Moreover, it is the best time to pass and use the brain. 
  2. Fix your starting words– Your starting words for the games must be your first three guesses. Quordle needs an experiential move towards solving its word puzzles, which is why a player needs to gain the maximum information by choosing the best starting words. Ensure your starting words should cover all vowels and the commonly used consonants. It is better to avoid overlapping with the same letters for filling the puzzle.
  3. Choosing quadrants to answer one word at a time  Pick a segment of the game with many green and yellow letters. Then work on getting them together. This approach will be better to make out other sections if one word is correctly solved. 

What is the future of the Quordle game?

Quordle offers ample replay options in the practice session. Its spike in difficulty level is perfect for those who ask for a challenging spin on the Wordle game. Currently, in the game, there is no plan to introduce monetization, but you can instead choose to donate and support the game inventors. 

Is there any way to get the puzzle answer quicker?

As per the reviews and the experience of puzzle game players, Quordle is a little bit slow game than Wordle. It takes more time in dragging out the letters but a sort of blunt-force approach to guessing the words is there to speed up things. In case you just want to know only the solution without taking care of the probable guesses then this strategy also works for Quordle:

You can start the game by giving a try with a series of words that puts all the vowels and also the letter y on the board, along with some other common letters like N, C and R. This collection is the best for forming so many five-letter words like “CANOE”, “PLUMB”, “NOTES,” “SKIRT”, “ACRID,” FUDGY” and “LUMPY.”  Now, most of the alphabet is removed, so the wrong guess possibility is less with this strategy of playing. In some other cases, you’ll have to guess all the words correctly without any wrong guesses.

The second strategy of playing Quordle is that now you have two more guesses before guessing every word in a single go. At this point, you should look for some clear words. If there is a strong candidate then this strategy is worth guessing. The earlier you estimate one word, the faster you can taper down for the remaining ones. Your this guess may disclose a great deal of useful information in another place.

Always remember that any letter can also appear more than once in a puzzle. Don’t discard any letter in a hassle, just because it already has a yellow or green color.

The last tip is that if you are playing on a desktop version, then try reducing your font size in case you are not able to view all four puzzle boards without scrolling.

Does Quordle is four times more fun than Wordle?

Quordle is probably the best take on the gaming formula of Wordle. According to the Quordle website https://www.quordle.com/, more than 5000K daily play this game and the number of total players of this puzzle game is more than 1 million.  This puzzle game has fixed the minds and eyes of social media users and the number of score results on Twitter is evidence of the popularity of the game. 

On average 95% of the target words of the Quordle puzzle can be solved within 6 guesses out of a given nine. The standard length of solving the puzzling game is approx 4 rounds. By the time of the guess of the third letter of the word, a good player will have to be found about 4 target letters with 2 or 3 in their accurate positions. Here the thing to note is that not all target words are equally formed. Some are created more difficult to solve. To illustrate, ‘hatch’ and ‘hitch’ are the rarest solved targets. 90% of the players fail to solve this in 3 or fewer rounds. 

Thus, Quordle level of difficulty is a little bit more than the version of Wordle. At the same time, it is more fun while playing practice modes than the original daily puzzles. 


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