Modern Ideas for Tattoos for Men

Tattoos for men are a work of art, have meanings, and are permanent so you must be choosy with what you want to be drawn on your body. There are many tattoo ideas that make it challenging to choose the right designs. 

You can get small but simple tattoo designs with unique meanings, or large and more pronounced tattoos in a body part of your choice. This guide will help you select the best tattoos for men, whether it is your first time getting a tattoo or you are adding some more art to your body. 

a). Small Tattoo

Some people like their tattoos small, and in places they can easily hide. If this describes the type of tattoo you would like, then a small tattoo is the ideal one for you. You can get it drawn anywhere on your body, and they come in different designs. Try out small tattoos for men first for your first tattoo. 

b). Simple Tattoo

Although they are simple, these tattoos can be very symbolic and with a large meaning. These tattoos require a lot of creativity to bring out meaning them. According to MensHaircuts, ask your artist to experiment with simple ideas if you are unsure of what you want. 

c). Cross Tattoos

How religious are you? Although cross tattoos symbolize religion, some people draw them for different meanings. Cross tattoos for men are small and can fit on any part of your body. They are also a good way to show off your faith. 

d). Skull Tattoos

While some guys prefer something small and simple that you can hide, others want to be badass and have their entire hand, chest, or back screaming with ink. There is a variety of skull tattoos to choose from, from realistic to animations. 

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e). Dragon Tattoo

Another example of a big and very visible tattoo is the dragon tattoo. Dragon is a scary animal to look at, but it symbolizes wisdom, strength, and good fortune. Some people interpret the meaning of dragons differently, so your tattoo can have many meanings.  Has it drawn on your chest or back, or from your hand upwards to the shoulders and a part of the chest? 

f). Lion Tattoo

How strong and fierce are you? If you are a badass and you know, you can show your character off with a lion tattoo. This tattoo is big and people draw it on the back or chest, although you can choose a smaller version of the lion tattoo

g). Phoenix Tattoo

If you are transitioning in your life or making a significant change, a phoenix tattoo will define your situation well. Phoenix symbolizes rebirth or a new life. You can have the big tattoo on your chest or back, or get a smaller version of phoenix on your hand. 

h). Biomechanical Tattoos

Robotics isn’t a dream anymore or just part of TV shows and movies. Instead, we can extend our physical opportunities beyond our limits thanks to medicine and technology, making some of us real-life superheroes and cyborgs.
Merging skin with machine mechanisms looks powerful and eye-catching, and that type of tattoo has become popular and sought out.

Biomechanical tattoos are not easy to do, so you have to communicate with your tattoo artist what you want and find someone who can deliver the product.

Luckily, the Black Hat Studio has experience creating these demanding masterpieces in great detail.

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i). Quotes

If there is a quote that you like so much, then you can opt to imprint it in your body. It could be a quote that inspires you in life or made a significant change in your life. 

Quote tattoos for men are very versatile, and although they are small, these tattoos have a significant meaning. It is advisable to research the message you want on your quote tattoo because you will have it there for the rest of your life. 

j). Family Tattoo

Family tattoos can be done in many different ways. From writing names on your wrist or chest to dates of birth or a simple family tree. A family tattoo is a way to pay tribute to your family and show appreciation. These tattoos for men are very common among married men. 

k). Star Tattoo

Stars have many meanings. They can represent good luck or big life changes and you can add them to a big tattoo. Stars can be big or small. Some people draw four to five starts on the wrist, at the side of the neck, or in the back, while others choose big stars on the wrist. They are easy and timeless to design. 

l). Angle Tattoo

Another way to show your faith is by getting the angel tattoo. They symbolize faith, love and hope and can be drawn on any part of the body. Some people prefer their angles big, others prefer them smaller.