How You Can Rock In Short Coffin Nails

Some people love the coffin nails design but don’t like the long length. This should not be a cause of concern because the nails can always be trimmed to meet your length requirements. This nail shape is one of the most common ones in the world.

Coffin designs are attractive for their square shape and for the fact that they allow you to cut them to the length of choice. If you have decided to rock in coffin nail designs, you should know how you can rock in this amazing nail trend. Here are simple and amazing ways to rock in short coffin nails to complete your outfit.

The special feature of these coffin nails is the glitter. This design can be blended with other designs such as the ombre, French manicure, and use of elegant nail art. The nail artist will find a way to properly blend all the designs as long as he is experienced enough.

This is a great coffin design to rock in when attending a wedding or any other exciting event. You can recreate this design as much as you want for different occasions.

  • Simple Short Coffin Designs

This is the best option if you don’t want to deal with the limitations of long nails when carrying out your normal daily activities. The nails are not only, but they are very simple. These nail ideas pass a sophisticated vibe and are common among moms and office ladies.

To maintain the simplicity of the design, you should not use very bright colors to paint the nails. Just because these nails are suitable for work, they can be worn to any place you want.

However, these nails are too simple for a wild nightclub occasion or any other wild event for that matter.

  • Short Coffin Acrylic Design

These designs feature a blend of coffin designs on short acrylic nails. You can look sparkly and glamorous by rocking in light pink color and adding a touch of glitter. The glitter, in this case, should be used in different designs to spice up your short coffin nails.

However, you should not use glitter on all the nails because doing so would overdo the whole idea and draw attention to only the glitter.

This design can be worn with any outfit in your wardrobe, and you can also rock it to any event. The concept of the glitters makes them perfect for a night or other special occasion.

  • Short Chrome Nails

The unique feature of this design is how bright and stylish the nails are. The nails feature ombre glitter, gems, and white chrome, which are carefully blended to come up with the design.

These coffin nails are cool as they feature three designs in just one idea. You can have fun creating this design from your favorite colors.

  • Bold Short Coffin Design

You can use one single bold color on your coffin design. You don’t have to spice things up by adding glitters or any other art form. A single bold color looks very attractive on short nails.

This design can blend well with any outfit and is suitable for all occasions. This design is easy to wear because little creativity is needed. You can wear them on your own at home to save some money and time that could be used for nail appointments.

  • Natural Short Coffin

If you like rocking natural looks, you can shape your natural nails in a coffin shape. Natural nails can look pretty if well taken care of and maintained. 

This design is very simple to come up with because it only takes shaping using a file. They are also the cheapest manicure if you work on a tight budget.

  • French Ombre Nails

Coffin nails can be perfectly blended with a shimmery French ombre to create a very stylish design.

This idea is very beautiful and requires some attention when designing it. It is also most suitable for a wedding due to its shimmery effect. They can be worn to all sorts of events.


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