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This story was horrible because it involved two children, one only 12 years old, who was harshly killed by another child whose age was only 16 years. The news is once again pushy on an old murder case that has flickered a lot of interest among internet users. It is not a recent homicidal case. It is about a murder case in 2007 in which two teens were involved.  Both were friends and one of them died. This case has just come to light again on the internet. 

Now you might be coming to your mind why such an old case is observed so much attention. Then the cause behind it is that the position of the case is still telling us that the new facts are being re-examined. It also seems that the murder case of Gabriel Kuhn has over again twisted out to be the speak of the city because the autopsy document of his death has been released now.

Why the story is again at its peak?

People are more curious about what happened in 2007 once the matter was brought to beam online. The conclusive story is that Daniel Patry attacked and killed Gabriel withinside the decision of 20,000 digital coins. It has been also said through collected reports that Patry was quite a quarrelsome person and was continuously aggressive. The whole event has again made the populace concerned about the actual minutiae of the event. They are posting their doubts on social media sites to get answers about what happened in that year that led to the assassination of a child.

It was a bump off of a 12-year-old boy by a 16-year-old and is very astonishing and distressing. This article goes over the full story, including others who also were part of it. After the autopsy report, the murder of Gabriel Kuhn has again become the talk of the town. Another slaughter case claimed his life. According to sources, the adolescent was killed at their home and died of dreadful grievances. The matter attracted a lot of public attention online at the time. Complete information regarding Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry was rationalized with autopsy pictures and a comprehensive story on December 25, 2021.

The basic truth of life and death!!

Everything in this life is a slump, and the only truth is that if you come on this planet you have to leave this world one day. The story of two teen friends Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry will make you understand that death is the eventual truth, and no one has the control to run from it. One day or the other, you have to meet your death. This is a universal fact and does not matter a lot. What matters is how you cuddle your death, whether you stood straight or were you a part of a mishap.

Your deeds will ensure how long and how nicely your name is remembered after your death. But the story of these two teens is not just a story of death and life it is a case of murder, and if we do not get all the pieces of evidence and reality right, then we might not be able to do justice while informing the public about the whole incident. 

Character and lifestyle of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn!!!

Daniel Felipe Petry who is the murderer of the story was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1991. Since he was a child he was a disobedient and aggressive child, as long as he is aggravated he reacts with great violence. He also received a few sessions of psychiatric treatment, but he always abandoned and did not complete the treatment. His place of safety and entertainment was television and later the Internet and online games.

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Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

He was an unpleasant child since his birth and his parents acknowledged their son’s belligerence and even took him to a psychiatrist, but he didn’t finish the therapy sessions and dropped out of therapy in the centre. He is constantly reprimanded at school for skipping lessons and failing to attend classes. He was so captivated by the game Tibia that he would skip school and other occasions only to participate in it online with his mates. While playing this game, he met Gabriel Kuhn. They became good friends not only in an online game but also in person. They started even sharing a few things. The dramatic incident happened in their life when they exchange a big amount of money just for a game. 

Gabriel Kuhn who was killed by Daniel was also born in the same town in 1995. He was the son of a stable family. The boy was good at studies and was an obedient child. He was just the opposite of Daniel Patry. They both were neighbors, although Daniel was four years older, still, they came in contact through an online game Timid. They often chat, although Gabriel Kuhn’s parents have some reservations about him after knowing about the mental condition of the neighbor’s boy Daniel.

The mental condition of Daniel the murderer!!

Such horrible and frightful events always hoist questions regarding the psychosomatic factors involved. When it is about a boy of just 16 then it becomes more concerning. If we talk about Daniel, who brutally murdered the 12-year-old guy, we will come to know that his mental condition cannot be characterized as normal at all. He was going through many psychological conditions. The interpretive information helps us understand that he was also advised to attend several psychological sessions to get better his mental health. Still, it bears no fruit, thus follow-on in this ill-fated event.

If the psycho condition was combined with the fact that Daniel was a bully too, then all of these factors help us to put all the pieces in place and make our investigation and deductions upright about the case. 

What happened to both of the youth?

As per the collected sources, a boy Gabriel Kuhn was killed by Daniel Patry, 16, after being tortured and harassed for over a month. Blumenau, Brazil, was the spot of the incident. The entire matter started because of a game called Tibia.

The story starts when Gabriel borrowed money from Daniel to use in the game and then refused to pay him back. During the inquiry, it was discovered that Daniel had been a little monster throughout his childhood and for this reason, his parents had tried to get him to go to psychiatric therapy, but he refused to go for treatment.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn became good friends and began playing an online role-playing game called Tibia with his buddies. It was initiated when Gabriel’s parents were not at home. While they were both playing the same game, a neighborhood kid Gabriel Kuhn, befriend Daniel. At one stage of the game, Gabriel asked Daniel for 20,000 virtual cash to clear the stage. Daniel agreed to lend money to his friend with the condition of repaying as early as possible.

After a few times when Gabriel did not return his money then Daniel continued calling his mother to find out when she would be back. Daniel was affronted and went to his house, despite Gabriel’s refusal to answer the door. Gabriel kept him from contacting the family members and others of their gang by a threat of declining to refund the money.

Daniel was enraged, and he dialed Gabriel’s mother’s number to inquire about her plans to return to Nova Trento. On the same night of the crime, his mother was in Nova Trento around 9 in the evening.

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After this threat Daniel was furious and following that, he went to Gabriel’s house and knocked on the door, but it was locked. Daniel informed him by certain means that if he ask for forgiveness from him, everything would be all right between both of them. Gabriel unlocked the door to patch up with his friend because he believed what he said was true.

After entering the house and locking the door behind him, Daniel battered Gabriel. He cruelly assaulted him. Gabriel tried to defend himself by some means but he failed to do so. He was dripping wet in blood after being beaten terribly by Daniel, and Daniel began to laugh quietly looking at him. The boy screamed and cried in terror but this made Patry more unkind to do more cruelty. 

Daniel became even more incensed when Gabriel endangered to reveal some of his family secrets, so he took a string and wrapped it around Gabriel’s neck. He kept squeezing until the boy lost his senses. Then he had another idea of torturing Gabriel. He went to the garage and took out a hacksaw and began to cut it up.

Gabriel Khun regained awareness and began to yell in pain. Petry kept cutting him like anything, he cut off his left leg. Gabriel was shocked by the bleeding and he stopped screaming. Then Petry took the hacksaw and decided to continue cutting him. He was so violent that he cut off his right leg. 

Daniel first tried to hide the body in the gloom of the house. For doing this, he took more cables and tried to hang them up. But he didn’t make it possible because Gabriel was too heavy to lift. Then he decided to throw his dead body at the door of the house. Shortly after, Gabriel’s mother arrived and found the body lying at the entrance of the house. This scene scared her that she was running into the street. Another neighbor saw his mother running and then his dead body Gabriel was completely drenched in blood and he called the police immediately.

The police hurriedly found Petry as Gabriel’s computer showed the combat that had just occurred earlier at the door of Gabriel’s house. They instantaneously arrested Daniel in his own home. After the autopsy reports of Gabriel came out, Petry agreed to kill the boy alive but declined to admit to the rape case, claiming that he was not gay.

What made Daniel kill his friend Gabriel?

To understand this awful affair, it is of the utmost importance that you can distinguish between true and false information. Consequently, if we take a look, we will come to know that the main regard for the event was that Gabriel owed money to Daniel. This was not normal, unlike lending and paying that involve in our normal daily life. This method of borrowing was a bit different. The reason for lending 20,000 was that this was not the actual money, it was digital money to enter into the game named Tibia. 

Even though they lived in the same neighborhood, still Tibia game became the main basis for them to know each other. Now in this digital world, we all are aware of the framework of the games. In such gaming techniques, you have to give digital money to spend and buy different products inside the game. That same happened with both of them. Gabriel borrowed digital money from Daniel Patry.  

When he refused to pay back, Daniel who was furious about his refusal and also was not mentally perfect killed brutally the poor soul Gabriel. Thus, we can say that a single game and digital cash became the major reason for the death of a young child. The virtual money of 20,000 coins was never repaid, but it cost the life of a little boy Gabriel at the age of twelve only. 

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In the end, we can say that although Daniel Patry was not in his senses his mental condition was not perfect as a normal child. Still, the main reason for this tragic event was the addition of a game. It has become a trend nowadays to play online real games and to spend digital money in this regard. But this is not the right way where our young generation is going. We as a parent or caretakers must have crunching sessions with the young ones to understand their needs and to make them understand the fact of a stable life. 

Where Daniel Patry is now at the moment?

He is supposed to be living freely nowadays. It was revealed through resources that even though Daniel was identified as his fault without any regret, he was only sentenced to three years in jail for this nasty crime he did. He was given this reproach just because of his socio-educational behavior. When he was asked about the vent then he commented before being sentenced to prison, that he would complete his retaliation in hell. He also felt little sympathy for the parents of Gabriel who was killed by him. 

Daniel Patry was born in Blumenau, Brazil and at the time of this event, he was sixteen years. It is revealed through sources that his present age is 30 years, yet his exact date of birth is not yet exposed on social media networks.  The true identity of the culprit has not been disclosed by the authorities may be due to some security concerns. Thus, there is not much information available about the accused on social media. 

If we talk about his family then it seems that his parents were very caring and supportive. They wanted to treat his mental condition and took him for therapy too, but he did not attend the sessions. However, there is not much information available about his parents due to several reasons of security. Thus, we can just assume from the sources whatever is available right now, police have put restrictions to reveal his personal information due to certain safety basis. 

Gabriel’s autopsy report and shreds of evidence!!

Although the report of the autopsy of Gabriel has been exposed on social media, yet there is no autopsy picture is found now. But, some photos of the crime scene that were captured on Gabriel’s computer are getting viral on the Internet. Moreover, how Daniel was murdered is a horror story because his terror did not stop until strangling Gabriel.

After seeing the victim’s closed eyes, the murderer Daniel decided to hide the body in a lobby space trap door. But, soon he realized, he could not lift the heavy body and left it on the door. He even cut off Gabriel’s legs to reduce the weight but in vain. The autopsy has exposed that Gabriel was still alive even when his legs were cut off. 

The recent update of the event

Social media is only a platform that never sleeps; therefore, we can see through social networking sites that this event is still being discussed, and the topic is again heated because the people are contributing by showing interest in the story and are sharing their judgments on what might have had happened at the back the door between the two young accused. 

Also, if we take a look at the questions of the public regarding this then it is coming in front that people are curious to know where Daniel Patry is nowadays. But although this is an exciting argument, and many started a quest to find him, but still there is no news regarding Daniel Patry. 

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