The Best Family-Friendly Things To Do In Dubai

A dream holiday for the family in the heart of the Middle East is no other place than Dubai. It is like a haven for every family member across age and gender to enjoy to the fullest. There are so many activities to indulge in, that you could simply feel dazed! After all, Dubai is a top-rated holiday destination among all kinds of tourists in the world. Be enthralled and drown yourself in the fun and frolic that accompanies any family 

There is always a time crunch while holidaying. A destination like Dubai is especially mindboggling in this way. Here is your guide to taking up the much-coveted activities while holidaying in Dubai. Read below to find out more.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai– View the Arabian desert like no other experience you have had. A desert landscape is a vast stretch of open land that enables you to look far-far away. With the highs and lows of the dunes, it presents a mesmerizing view. Take your imaginative streak further by visualizing how such a view would look from a little above the ground. Simply breath-taking! Get ready for such an awesome experience with Hot Air Balloon Ride that can be enjoyed with the entire family. This can be done as early as the dawn and the evening. The desert never looks the same with the sunlight falling at different angles. In Dubai, Hot Air Balloon Ride is a must-do activity when you are on a vacation. 

There are several packages for tourists in the form of standard or regular rides, Deluxe packages or even a Charter flight most booked for couples and to celebrate special occasions with family. There is free pick-up and drop for these rides by most tour operators.

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Helicopter Tour Dubai- This is particularly for aviation enthusiasts. A Helicopter Tour of Dubai is a rich experience to gather during your holiday. Soar high and view this modern marvel city and its skyscrapers gliding in the sky. These tours offer the most picturesque and panoramic views of the iconic structures that Dubai is renowned for. Fly over the Burj al Arab, the Palm Jumeriah, the Burj Khalifa and the man-made cluster of islands that include the World islands. Truly, a view from the top is worth the penny for such an inviting experience. 

The experienced and trained pilots are best to show you around the landmarks of Dubai as you sit back in safe hands. The well-equipped helicopters make your journey a smooth run. The best aerial photography and videos can be taken with the panoramic view spread right in front of you. There are a host of tours to choose from. You could either choose a particular view such as the Palm Jumeriah tour or the Pearl tour from the Atlantis Hotel or even a fun ride of all of the varying durations. Helicopter rides can be private/ per family or shared to suit one’s pocket. The helicopter ride is a unique experience that cannot be missed when you are visiting Dubai.

Jet Ski Dubai Situated on a part of the Persian Gulf, Dubai has a sizable coastline. All the more, the coastline is dotted with the iconic architectural feats for which Dubai is well-known. The highlights of the jet ski tour of Dubai hold enough right ticks for tourists on a family vacation to take it up. The blue water of the Persian Gulf is a dreamy experience along with the splash of fresh water on the face as one can ride at high speed up to 100 km/ hour in the easy-to-operate jet skis with all safety measures in place. Ride past the Burj al Arab, and click pictures of the private islands or explore the Marina and the lagoons, it is sure to make a mark on your holiday memories.  Fast-paced, thrilling and filling is all one can describe this activity in Dubai.

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Ziplining- Ever had the stomach-churning feel of simply hanging in the air? Yes, this is what you will expect while taking the zip lining adventure in Dubai 170 meters above sea level. It’s a pure adventure and thrill activity that can be done with loved ones. Glide high over Dubai’s most- notable structures and get an ultimate 360-degree. The safety gear that you wear has helmets that may have cameras fitted to take your most memorable activity pics while you enjoy the panoramic view all around hands-free.  There are several operators for the ziplining activity where you will be securely tied to a harness. Some ziplines operate twin parallel lines to let you enjoy the experience parallelly with another family member. So, zip past the 1 km rides with a dazzling speed of 80 km/h.

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride- A vacation with family is also about leisurely activities and calls for some relaxing activities in Dubai. The play of lights dancing on the water of the Burj lake over the Promenade next to the Dubai Mall is majestic. It is all the more alluring when you relax on a boat ride quietly strolling past the dancing lights. The fountain itself is a wondrous show to behold when over 500 feet stretch of 25 colourful lights rise and fall as high as a 45-story building! The accompaniment of traditional Arabic music combines to become a one-of-a-kind experience.  The exciting feature is that you can choose from a variety of rides that are on offer. Other than the traditional Abra ride, there are duck rides, swan and flamingo rides as also kayaks, and water bikes that offer more choice. The whole experience is mesmerizing and rejuvenating. When in Dubai, never miss such an opportunity to relax with family and have absolute fun. 

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Dubai is a cosmopolitan tourist destination. It has a wide variety of activities to indulge in and engage in. The pure fun and astonishing activities never cease to inspire a tourist. A family vacation creates gigantic and astonishing memories. Enrich it further with fun, lively and fascinating activities.

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