Buying genuine wireless earbuds in today’s market can be a daunting task. With so many options at different price ranges, consumers need to know what they are buying. We will tell you seven things to look for before buying a genuine wireless earbud:

Looks perfect fit:

Luxury is vital in actual wireless earbuds, whether you listen to music or make video calls. Look for headphones with optional options. For example, headphones should come in different sizes of ear tips. This will help you find the right and comfortable fit for your ear canal.

Battery life:

You will find that many brands tell you that their headphones are running out of power within three to five hours of battery life. You can also refill with a charging case. If you see a type that offers 12-14 hours of battery life, it is paired with a case and headphones. You should check anything beyond 4 hours of battery life without a charging case.

Noise cancellation function:

Once reserved for premium headphones, audio cancellation is also available at affordable prices. Brands like Soundcore offers reasonable prices. Wireless earbuds that cancel audio ensure smooth conversations and quiet music listening.

Look for Codecs supported by wireless earbuds:

Budget wireless headphones will support the SBC format, a codec that does not support high-resolution music. Headphones with SBC support will be flat. Similarly, there will be support for aptX or LDAC – which is not very good. Check out options that support multiple audio codecs, such as Hi-Res aptX HD, which will improve audio quality.

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Headphone controls:

Real wireless means you don’t have to rely too much on any other gadget. Look for headphones with control panels or call buttons, skipping tracks, or increasing volume. You won’t find them in budget options, but many mid-premium earbuds will give you this feature. It supports Bluetooth multipoint mode. This means you could connect your phone to a laptop simultaneously to get alerts or switch quickly from listening to music on one device to answering a call from another.

Audio quality:

Lastly, the clearest sound quality. Check the size of the drivers – it will be shown in millimeters (MM) on the headphones. The main driver will provide excellent bass and impressive sound quality. Another feature to consider is the frequency range. You will find that most headphones offer speeds ranging from 20Hz to 20 kHz. While this may not reflect the high sound quality, it may give you clues about what a normal human ear can hear.


All wireless headphones are created equal when it comes to volume levels. Some headphones require high volume compression, while others may provide enough volume at 50%. When comparing a pair of audio store models, check the volume levels. It is impossible to get more than the maximum volume on them with wireless headphones, unlike wired headphones that can be connected to portable headphones. Wireless headphones are ideal for playing sports or listening to music without the annoying cords that connect to each earbud. They are perfect for people who need to travel and do not need cables.

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