Wedding Ring Guide: 4 Types Of Gems And Their Meaning

Gemstone men’s wedding ring styles have always been popular, with so many more brides opting for other kinds aside from diamond rings. This comes with so many reasons, like matching their engagement ring, choosing their birthstone, or just simply because it’s the bride’s style. Whatever the reason, there’s no one rule which dictates that only diamonds should be placed on a wedding ring. 

Gemstone wedding rings

It is your ring, after all, so you do you. A gem allows you to show your personality, and have a more unique and meaningful ring. If you’re keen on choosing a unique wedding ring gem and know its meaning, below are some of the types you can choose from:

1. Sapphire

Sapphire is usually marveled at for its blue and purple colors and is one of the gemstones that has long represented royalty. With its exceptional hardness, sapphire is also one of the most durable gemstones you’ll ever have. In ancient times, sapphire was also well-loved as it was believed to have the power to protect against infidelity and envy. This is one reason why it’ll make for a good stone to have on a wedding ring.

Apart from protection against envy and infidelity, sapphire was also long used as a symbol of longevity and innocence. The stone can represent inner peace, beauty, and prosperity. Since it symbolizes a lot, it’s no wonder why it is a popular choice for engagements and weddings.

2. Emerald

Emerald is a beautiful shade of mystical green. Emerald, in Sanskrit, symbolizes growth and energy. This stone comes in quite a variety of hues and shades of green, like bluish-green, pure green, and yellow-green. Apart from simply being a beautiful gemstone, emerald cut engagement rings and wedding rings also matches any skin tone, so it’s a ring that complements every woman’s skin color. 

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In ancient history, emerald is said to be well-loved by Queen Cleopatra herself, which speaks a lot of its beauty and charm. With green being one of the calmer colors on the color wheel, this gemstone represents balance, peace, fertility, and healing. When tempered by a cooler shade of blue, the gemstone may also represent a strong bond. These qualities are reasons enough why emerald makes for a good wedding ring gemstone.

3. Rose Gold

Diamonds used for wedding rings are usually clear, transparent ones. Another popular trend nowadays is a more feminine shade of rose gold or lighter pink diamonds. Rose gold engagement rings and wedding rings are also very durable, so you can be certain that you have a ring to last you through years of wear and tear. Due to its light rose color, it has a romantic connotation to it, which every woman certainly wants to have in their wedding ring.

Years back rose gold is believed to represent love. Apart from its significance, many women choose rose gold for its feminine appeal. With rose gold, you’re certain to have a jewelry piece that’s fashionable and trendy. Nowadays, rose gold is commonly used on many other things due to its appeal and aesthetic.

4. Aquamarine

Just imagine calm, pristine, and relaxing blue waters. This is what you can have when you get an aquamarine gemstone wedding ring. Like rose gold, it’s a colored stone but it is not too bright or overwhelmingly flashy. It’s also not too light or pale. It’s definitely a trendy but classic ring option. It just has the right hint of color to differentiate it from an otherwise clear and colorless diamond ring.

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Looking back in history, aquamarine gemstones were usually created due to the belief that it brings protection, good luck, and fearlessness. It is also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness. For wedding rings, this symbolizes a marriage that’s forever youthful in spirit. It also symbolizes eternal companionship. 


Is the diamond really the only girl’s best friend, when it comes to jewelry? The list of gemstones above should show you that it isn’t. For the modern bride, diamond wedding rings aren’t the only choice. As you can see, there are so many more, particularly if you want to add a hint of color into the most special jewelry piece you’ll keep for the rest of your life. 

There are so many more types of stones you can opt for, which might make it almost close to impossible to choose the best one. As you divert from diamonds, the key is to follow your personal style, tradition, or shared beliefs. Aesthetics are important too, but knowing the meaning behind each gemstone also adds to its appeal and value.



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