Diamonds are a woman’s best friend that can make any moment of their life special. They are rare yet beautiful and this is what makes them so precious. Whether you are looking to buy wedding rings or just want to get a surprise gift for her, diamonds make for a perfect choice. However, the sparkling appearance of diamonds is not the only reason why people like them so much.

Today we are going to some popular psychological reasons explaining why people tend to buy diamonds despite their limited practical use. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Emblem of Love

Since ancient times, diamonds have been perceived as a symbol of love. The distinct characteristics of this gemstone i.e. clarity, durability and longevity represent special significance, especially when given as a gift.

This is the major reason why people tend to give diamonds as a gift to the people they love because of the deep value and meaning it holds. Giving diamonds to the person you love represents eternal love and is a true depiction of their significance in your life. Moreover, the durability of the diamond also shows the strength of your relationship. Just like the diamond’s endurance, your relationship will be able to make it out of tough times.

2. Desire to Own Something Precious

The joy of owning something valuable and precious isn’t describable in words, it’s a feeling that one has to feel. Many people buy jewellery because of their material worth and value, sometimes they buy them to show off their feelings.

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The reason why most people purchase diamonds usually depends on their mindset. They can either buy it to rejoice a moment or to own something rare and remarkable, regardless of the reason diamonds do represent redemption.    

3. Diamonds are Eternal

‘Diamonds are forever’, is such a popular tagline that everyone knows about it. This phrase basically highlights the long life of diamonds when compared to other gemstones. Moreover, the message that gifting a diamond conveys is undying and permanent love, therefore, people use it to show their love and affection.

4. Memento of Promise

People, particularly men, have been giving jewellery as a relic that represents their promise and displays their everlasting love for the other person. Whether it’s your engagement day or wedding anniversary, buying a diamond will refresh the vows you made with each other. The use of diamonds in engagement rings is much more practical than just reminding a commitment. The diamond in the ring carries a collateral value as well that the partner can encash in times of need.  

5. Value

Another reason why people buy diamonds is because of its worth. Diamonds are rare gemstones that have provenance, which determines its value. Sometimes, people buy diamonds for investment as they are quite valuable especially the round carat ones such as one carat etc. Similarly, polished diamonds are more valuable than raw ones. Whenever you tend to buy a diamond for investment, consider the 4 Cs and from them, pay special attention to the cut of the diamond you are buying.

6. Because You Deserve All the Good Things

Most women who buy diamond jewellery for themselves, get it to cherish their achievements. Every woman deserves a little bit of pampering and love and for that, they don’t have to rely on any men. The women of today are independent and worthy. In order to celebrate their self-worth, they buy diamonds for themselves.    

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7. As a Gift

Many people buy diamonds with an intention to gift them to the people they love and admire. Giving someone a diamond as a gift means that you don’t need anything in return but you just want to show your affection for them. Men usually give jewellery as a gift when they want to show that they appreciate the women they love. 

8. Sign of Elegance and Sophistication

Diamond has long been associated with class and elegance. It’s a piece of jewellery that ladies adorn to depict their sophistication, delicacy and charm. Strong and bold women who want to represent their strength and invincibility use diamonds for showing this. 

All in all, there’s not one but many reasons why diamonds make for a perfect choice whether you want to gift it to someone you love or add more jewellery to your collection. If you reside in the UAE, you can easily buy diamond jewellery from any shop for online jewellery in Dubai. Make sure, the shop is well-reputed to avoid getting scammed.


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