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These days one cannot have enough sneakers! Earlier, when sneakers were picked, looking for comfort has now slowly become a fashion statement. It has become everyone’s favourite in no time, irrespective of whether it is men or women or even kids for that matter; even older women are spotted wearing those! Women are seen ditching their heels and loafers and switching to a better style and comfortable option. Rare sneakers have become everyone’s options, of course.

With the increasing fashion challenges all over, one wishes to give themselves the best and the most out of the box pair of sneakers. In addition, one wishes to give their loved ones something extraordinary. 


Buying Guide:


  • Fit: To check the fit, we all know a standard way: wear it along with socks and walk. A shoe that feels secure around one’s heel area without slippage is well-fitted. There is a different fit for the various activities one would use it in.
  • Feel: The primary motive of buying sneakers is comfort. Making sure that the sole of the sneaker is adequately cushioned will ensure a more comfortable feel. 
  • Shape: The shape of the sneaker will ensure comfort and best fit if it matches the form of one’s feet. This will look smarter and, of course, be more comfortable.


When shopping for a basic white sneaker, it’s more about comfort and reliable brand and durability and less about the trend because white can never go out of style! 

Shoes are also curated, keeping in mind the different activities and purposes, like walking, running, football, cricket, etc. Each has various features.

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Sneakers can completely change one’s look instantly. If one is going for a subtle toned down look, a sneaker with a pop of colour will help bring the whole look together. Isn’t it surprising that just a pair of sneakers can change the entire look? 


Life of a sneaker: This is an unpredictable factor, to be honest, but buying from any trustworthy brand, one can guarantee a specific period of the durability of the sneaker. Wearing a worn-out sneaker may cause bruises and infections, so one should avoid that. One can ask the store employee for the expectancy of the shoe‘s life, or if one is ordering online, they can check the about or customer review of that particular sneaker. 


Going through different sites to find the rare and extraordinary and best for oneself? Say no to this hassle because Shoegrab has picked the best and the most exclusive pairs of sneakers for one. The rare sneakers collection which all desire is here!



  • Adding dry sheets to shoe boxes will ensure extra safety to the shoes.
  • Stuffing the shoe with newspaper will ensure the shoe keeps fresh and clean and avoids stinking if used after a long time.
  • Getting one’s shoe sun-dried will ensure that it does not wear out quickly.
  • Getting the laces cleaned at intervals is as important as the cleaning and maintenance of the shoe.
  • Investing in a cleaning kit is advisable.


One can never go wrong with sneakers! They are the perfect ones to invest in, and with the competition increasing, one wants to give themselves the rarest sneakers to stand out from the crowd. What’s more interesting is the designers do not forget comfort in the look of design! So it’s a win-win situation!

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