How Much Old Grout Do I Need To Remove Before Re-grouting?

Grout becomes dirty and filthy over time due to heavy foot traffic or stains on it. Moreover, if you are not doing the appropriate maintenance of the grout lines then it will be cracked and damaged earlier. For this, you need to accomplish the professional tile regrouting services or do it by yourself. However, it takes time and effort to remove the old grout and install the new grout. For this, it’s better to consider the professional services to remove grout as well as install especially for the larger and commercial areas.
The new installation of grout will make the bathroom and kitchen look attractive and amazing. But even after getting the cleaning and new installation services you need to do the deep cleaning of tiles and grout to keep it away from hard stains and marks.
While installing the new layer of grout, you don’t need to uninstall the old coating completely but the damaged grout. Because if you are not removing the damaged grout then the new layer will not offer a smooth appearance and structure to the tiles. Grout offers better consistency and bonging to the tiles by offering a smooth and clean texture.

Grout Removing Process:

If the area is small and wide then you can remove the layer of grout easily with the help of a scrapper. But in the case of a larger and commercial area, you need to do these tasks with the help of professional and advanced scrapping tools. Otherwise, it will be more time and effort consuming process.

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On the other hand, if you don’t have any knowledge about the installation and uninstallation of grout then it’s better to do it after appropriate guidelines and instructions. Manual tile regrouting is also useful for wide areas.

Professional tile regrouters know how to remove it and install the new grout without leaving and creating any mess for the homeowners. But if you are removing it with the help of a blade then you need to pull it carefully.

On the other hand, you can also use a grout saw to remove grout easily. To use this tool, you just need to place it simply under the old grout and pull it carefully. Because if you are not doing it with care then it will leave the scratches on the tiles.

So, it’s necessary to have the appropriate tools for the removal of grout effectively. Most of the professional members used the saw that is specifically designed to strip out the grout. with the help of professional tools, one can get better control over the tool and grout without any crack and damage.

While removing the grout, you also need to have a chisel removal to remove all the chisel after grout.

Tile Regrouting Process:

To install the new layer of grout on the old grout firstly remove the damaged or cracked grout. after that, mix the grouting powder in a bucket accordingly the ratios provided by the manufacturer’s company. Because if you don’t follow these ratios then you can’t get the better consistency of the grout mixture.

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That’s why most of the professional tile regrouters suggest using the grout product that is already available in mixture form. However, if you are using powder then mix it with water in specific ratios. Moreover, you can choose the grout type based on the tile’s requirements as well as desire.

It’s better to use the unsanded grout mixture for the narrow and thin areas to fill the lines and corners. However, sanded grout is best to fill the wide and larger areas. After mixing the grout appropriately, fill it in all the joint lines and corners.

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However, consider the angle carefully while installing the new layer of grout. so, the grout can be distributed equally in each part. On the other hand, clean the excess of grout on the tiles as soon as possible. Because it will be harder to remove grout on the tiles after drying.

For this, you can use a wet sponge as well as float. It will help to remove the excess grout on the tiles right at the 80Degree angle. However, it’s better to use a sponge for better and easy control while removing the layer of excess grout. after that, leave the grout at least for 48 hours to dry completely. Make sure to use the grouted area for walking after appropriately drying.  Otherwise, you can’t get a smooth overall look and it will damage the whole appearance of tiles and that area.

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