What's the Difference Between a Meeting Room and a Conference Room: Let’s Review

Office space is not just a workplace for office workers. In addition to the glass dividers space, there are other types of glass rooms. Business meetings or formal meetings are usually held in special rooms. 

Of course, the meeting place can serve even an ordinary room, but more modern offices offer the latest solutions. Meetings and discussions are held in glass meeting rooms or conference room glass walls from CommercialGlassPartitions. These two types of rooms are made of glass panels and glass partition systems. 

Each Type of Room is Suitable For Different Purposes:

  • Meeting rooms are usually smaller and are used to meet a small number of people. There is usually notable in the meeting room and it is equipped only with chairs.  
  • The glass conference room is much larger and is designed for a bigger number of people. Usually, the room is equipped with a large table so that everyone has a place to sit. 

The advantage of a glass meeting room and conference room is their original and modern look. Also, the strong glass of each panel and door can retain noise, which facilitates comfortable cooperation within the room. 

And if you decide that your office is missing a conference room, you can order the best services from comercialglasspartitions.com. The professional company can manufacture a quality glass system for you according to your requirements and at a reasonable price.

How Can I Order Conference Room Glass Walls from the Professionals?

The comercialglasspartitions.com website has a portfolio with a wide selection of wall partitions and glass conference rooms. The price for the meeting room glass wall depends on the size and measurements. You will need to send your measurements for the project before starting the cooperation. 

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You can not only choose a room from the available glass systems but also offer your design. Before you get started, a team of professionals can create and send you a drawing of the room for free. 

In addition to free drawing, the comercialglasspartitions.com. company has other advantages.  

  • 3 Years warranty: You can use the warranty in case of damage to the glass system for 3 years. 
  • Quick turnaround: The time it takes to make a conference room depends on its size, but in most cases, it doesn’t exceed 2 weeks. However, if you have a certain deadline, you can agree with the team. 
  • Nationwide delivery: The company is trusted and is in demand not only among local companies but also among foreign ones. Therefore, delivery takes place anywhere in the world. Delivery is fast and safe, and in case of any accidents, you can get a refund.
  • Comfortable installation: Once you have received the parts of your conference room, you can compose them yourself by watching the tutorial video if you don`t have a workstation. However, if something goes wrong during the installation, you can always call or write to the company’s team and you will be assisted.

That’s why if you want to upgrade your business center, choose conference rooms from comercialglasspartitions.com.

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