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You are here that clearly means you are having trouble choosing the right bowling ball! Or you want to educate yourself on this so that you can choose an ideal bowling ball later. 

Whatever your case is, you are going to find this piece of article extremely beneficial. Because it consists of all the information a beginner needs to know about when purchasing his or her first bowling ball. 

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Types of Bowling Ball

There are three different types of ball manufactured for bowling. You will find them in plastic, reactive and urethane made. So, you have to pick the right type of ball for your game. 

1. Plastic Ball

The first type of ball was made from rubber, then it came with plastic coatings. These balls are really good and have good accuracy. You will find lots of plastic balls for bowling these days. So, you should focus on the results from plastic bowling balls. Find the best bowling ball for you. 

2. Reactive Ball

These are hard hitter balls that you can play with. These have hard surfaces and are very much effective in hitting the pins with good accuracy. Just check that the surface is smooth or not. During making the ball, there are issues of surface finishing that can make you miss your targets. Actually, technology improves the making of this ball a lot. 

3. Urethane Ball

This is a ball that made changes in the game in the ’90s. People were crazy about this ball. It came with improved control in playing. It is customized for dry conditions and short patterns. It hits the pins smoothly and has a good impact on scoring. 

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If you want to score strikes every time, then urethane bowling balls could be a great addition. That being said, you obviously need skill, with extraordinary experience and skill you can score strike even with a polyurethane bowling ball. 

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How to choose a bowling ball easily?

When you are using your first ball, then you should go for a reactive-resin ball. It is perfect for you to start playing and score well. 

  • Choose the right ball- When you are looking for the perfect ball, choose one that weighs 10% of your body. How to choose a bowling ball weight? The standard weight is around 16 pounds, in a few cases, you can use 15 pounds, too. A ball with heavyweight will give better control and an improved attack on the pins. 

A light ball will not be able to make an impact on the pins, you can also lose control too. So, you choose your ball wisely.

  • Set your cover stock- This is the cover used on the ball that helps it to run on the lane. It is fully about control and balance. There are different types of cover stocks, such as reactive resin, urethane and polyester/ plastic. All of them have different types of performance on the lane. You can buy them online or from local sports shops, here be sure which type of cover stock you are going to need. You will get proper knowledge in this article about selecting a ball or can discuss with a Pro who can suggest you. 
  • Pricing- It is another major factor that you should consider for buying a ball. You will find a plastic ball for $50. In the case of Reactive -resin and Urethane balls, you need to pay from $100 to above. So, it is you who can decide about the ball here. 
  • Drill the ball- There are two types of the ball for bowling. There are pre-drilled balls that you can buy and play with. These balls are drilled and made available for ready-to-play games. But when you have a ball that has no holes, you can make the holes according to your finger size. 
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But why do you do that? It will give you more control and grip on the ball. You can better bring the ball to a pro shop and get that drilled according to your finger size and comfort. Yes, remember that you should pay for drilling the ball. So, that is how you can modify your ball here. 

  • Practice- It will make you perfect. When you have a new ball, you will feel that it is not fitting you at all. You have to adjust your fingers in the ball, practice it for bowling and gradually you know how to do it. For both of the balls like pre-drilled and newly drilled balls, you will need to have a better idea on the ball and have practice with it for a bowling score. 

How to perform better in bowling?

Having the right type of ball does not always do the right trick. There are some other factors that need to be developed for better bowling. Now, we will tell you about these facts and tips to make it happen. 

  • Get the right size of ball- Not everyone needs the same size of a bowling ball. We have to follow the bowling ball weight for beginners. Women will use a 10-12 pounds ball and men will use a 14-15 pounds ball. As heavy as the ball will be, it will perfectly knock down the pins. So, always choose the right sized ball. 
  • Swing- When you swing the ball, never make your muscle too hard. Keep the swing natural and get the ball going in the lane. Take a deep breath and throw the ball slowly to hit the pins.
  • Speed- The ball throwing speed is another crucial matter. Hold the ball at chest level, then make the swing and throw the ball at your own speed. Faster or slower will not make you score. So, you need to find the right speed you have to throw.
  • Line up – When you deliver the ball choose your line up as how it goes and hit the pins. It can hit either the middle, on the left side, or on the right side. You have to find your sweet spot, how you are going to send the ball. Your approach and ball delivery will be your own way of scoring in the game. 
  • Tricks- When you play, you will have your own tricks. So, have faith in them and practice more to get better day by day. These tricks are your own asset that you will apply while playing. 
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We have discussed in detail choosing the right type of bowling ball. We hope the discussion will be helpful for you and you can choose the right type of ball and make good scores. With the right ball, you can both enjoy and win the game easily. 


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