Need New Floors? Here Are Some New Flooring Trends of 2020

It does not matter how much attention you pay to your interior house décor, it might still not look exactly right if the base of the room is not thoroughly designed and is not according to new flooring trends. To be honest, the flooring of any room is often overlooked when people move into a new living space. A lot of people have started to take the floors, moldings, and the hardware of the house for granted. However, all of these details of the house can easily be altered if you are willing to revamp them as well. 

Note: Installing new carpets or tiles in your house according to the new flooring trends will increase the resale value of the house. 

If you are planning to replace the flooring of your house in 2020, keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. First of all, do you think that your existing floors can be refinished? There are a lot of floorings such as hardwood floors that can easily be refinished by sanding, polishing, and even painted to resemble other types of wood. 

Check out the flooring trends of 2020 below and hire the best flooring companies in Fairfax VA to help you get a new floor.

Favorite New Flooring Trends Of 2020

If you are dead serious on replacing your flooring, you need to consider the below given new flooring trends that we have compiled. There is no doubt that this list of tends will help you make the best possible decision. 

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#1. The Painted Hardwood Floors

If you’ve inherited a house that has hardwood floors and surprisingly they are in perfectly acceptable condition yet they have seen their better days, you need to consider painting them. Yes, you need to consider a coat of paint before you finally rip them off. 

Try opting for something more classy such as glossy black or even white. Not only is this the most cost-savvy way but this will also help you in creating a dramatic flair for the house.  

#2. Hexagon Tiles 

As far as the tiles for any house is concerned; large hexagon tiles are one of the best yet popular flooring options at this moment. They are available in many colors, design styles, textures, and they range from matte black to moss green, or even if you like terra-cotta; they are readily available. 

The hexagon tiles flooring option is low maintenance and is considered the best for high-traffic areas. You don’t need to opt for large-sized tiles. As there are a lot of people who have chosen small tiles too. 

#3. Terrazzo 

Another flooring trend that we’ve seen a lot in 2019 is the “Terrazzo”. Due in big part to the bigger pattern occurring in style all in all. They can be very well a fabulous hardwearing choice in a midcentury or art deco house as well. 

Experts suggest that terrazzo hasn’t gone outdated; they are still a part of the new flooring trends. Terrazzo in neutrals shades such as gray or beige is something immortal. The Terrazzo is extremely versatile; it very well may be used for doors, almost all living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and attics and it’s an extraordinary economical option with huge amounts of varieties and color options too.

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#4. White Oak With Wide Plank 

As mentioned above about the hardwood flooring trend, the white oak hardwood flooring is growing exponentially in the market. Why? This is because of their natural look and feel. It has been in the market for quite a while but as the trends are changing, so is the demand of wide plank white oak hardwood floors. 

We’ve seen a lot of interior designers opt for this option because it adds a different feel to the house. there is no doubt, that it is elegant, and tends to warm up space. 

#5. The Chevron Patterns

Another well-known hardwood choice—which loans itself better to a smaller board—is to spread it out in a herringbone or chevron design, making an exquisite theme that is suggestive of rich Parisian condos. This sort of establishment can be somewhat more expensive, yet it’ll be altogether justified, despite all the trouble once you see what an excellent effect it can make in your space. Inside originators, in any case, are isolated on whether these whimsical examples ought to drift in 2020.

#6. Polished Concrete 

At the point when people hear the words concrete floors they by and large think about a warehouse, or perhaps an esteemed historical center or a workshop. Not many people consider the concrete floors to be a component in somebody’s home. In any case, the concrete floors are a home-style pattern that is at present on the ascent and gives house owners another flooring choice. Yes, they’re the one of new flooring trends in 2020. 

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There are such huge numbers of various styles of concrete floors that can be installed into your home. Regardless of whether you like the appearance of glossy polished concrete floors or you want to have an increasingly comfortable inclination in your home, this sort of concrete floors can be manipulated in a wide range of ways to fit whatever style you are looking for.

#7. The Whitewashed Hardwood 

To get a beachy feel, you need to consider whitewashing the existing hardwood floors. This ought to look great with wide panel floors however with ordinary width planks they’ll also look great. This can be effectively implemented with most existing hardwood floors as a cost-savvy choice in contrast to replacing the flooring completely. 

We’ve seen a lot of people into this trend, particularly when matched with differentiating dark accents like dark metal equipment, models, picture outlines, and different embellishments. The whitewashed hardwood floors grandstand a great deal of surface where each panel looks different (in a good way) and has a huge amount of character.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for one of the best flooring companies in Fairfax VA, then you need to conduct thorough research. You also have the option to survey renowned business listing directories such as HighFive Listings. They’ll have a list of different companies in your area that can better guide on the on-going trends of flooring. 


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