How To Remove Weeds From Your Lawn Easily And Quickly?

Ever seen your garden without unwanted plants? When did you enjoy the soft and fresh green grass? Probably you hadn’t; these unwanted plants are generally called weeds. Weeds are not beneficial for other plants and, they indeed look very disgusting.

Now, to get rid of these horrible useless pests, the chemical may be the most comfortable option. But to be more precise, if you sprinkle the chemicals on the weeds, then it may somehow affect and damages the other friendly plants too. That’s why using chemicals for removing weeds may not be a safe option. But don’t you worry about anything, because in this article, you will learn about some ways that you can apply to remove weeds without damaging the other friendly plants.

a). Organic Weed Killers:

Organic weed killers are also called herbicides, that does not affect then plants other than weeds. It is safe and environment friendly! The home safe weed terminator would be the right choice; you can visit for more information.

 b). Newspaper:

The newspaper will help to cover the small weeds and prevent them from growing further by cutting off the necessary sunlight.

c). Vinegar:

Since vinegar contains 20% acid, it can help you to kill weeds. Sprinkle vinegar on the weeds regularly, and then you will see the results in no time!

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d). Salt:

Rock salt or table salt can be handy for killing the weeds. Salt can also act as a barrier to protect from weeds.

e). Boiling Water:

One of the best weed-killing tricks is pouring boiling water on the weeds. Just make sure to keep away the boiling water from friendly plants. This is a good trick for small weeds, and it also shows intermediate results.

Steps to restore a lawn full of weeds:-

Suppose your yard is full of unwanted plants that affect the growth of green plants. It is impossible to remove all of them at once by using the above alternatives. Therefore, there is a lot easier way to remove all of them quickly; you just have to follow the mentioned steps:

1. Cleaning and mowing:

The first step is to clean the portion of the yard with the help of a hand shovel, or you can cut the grass by using a land mower.

2. Use organic weedkillers:

After cutting, try to sprinkle organic weedkillers on the leftover weeds.

3. Aeration:

Aeration is essential; you can use hand tools or power tools to aerate the ground. This will help the roots of the grass to go deeper under the soil.

4. Time to plant new seeds:

After all the previous processes, now it’s time to plant new grass seeds. These grass seeds will be weed-free.

5. Water the soil:

Water the new grass regularly, try to water it at least twice a week. In summer it is better to water the plants and grass early in the morning.

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6. Fertilise the lawn:

Spread the weed-killing fertilizers over the dry grass. Add the lawn fertilizer, which contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.


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