What Should You Know about Roku Stick?

If you are an entertainment lover then you already know the charm of Roku. If you have not got it yet, you must check it out now. You know, the Roku Streaming Stick is a tiny but powerful device. You can check it out at roku.com/link and ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

No matter which TV you use your Roku device, you can have a great experience. People love this Roku tick because of its ease and efficiency. The Streaming Stick is prominent due to its small size – it’s a powerful device that’s about the size of a typical flash drive. But rather than you connecting to a PC and containing some gigabytes of memory for your portable storage, the Streaming Stick is an amazing streaming device that plugs into the HDMI input of your television, effectively turning that TV into a Smart TV. Hence, you can ensure that all your channels and series get available therein.

Endless Entertainment

The Roku Streaming Stick adds up thousands of streaming channels to your television – all of the general mainstream channels like Netflix, Hunk tv, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, YouTube, and others, but many less common channels as well. Many of these are channels you could be familiar with, like Crackle, Adult Swim, and even that of Vevo. But with so many amazing channels in the Roku library, there are hundreds you perhaps haven’t heard of that cater to very niche interests.

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However, you must note that while many channels are free, some channels – like Netflix and Hulu – need you to have a subscription. Others, like streaming versions of certain TV channels, can require you to enter proof that you are a cable subscriber to receive permission to watch that channel.

How can you use a Roku Streaming Stick?

The Roku Streaming Stick works nearly exactly the same as other streaming devices in the Roku family, like the Roku Premiere and even Roku Ultra; the main difference is that while those sticks are boxes that sit somewhere in your home theatre and connect to the television via an HDMI cable, the Streaming Stick is wholly self-contained, and it plugs right into your TV’s HDMI port.

Like the other Roku models, though, it does come with remote control and can be operated with that or via a Roku app for your Android or iPhone. The main difference between the Roku Streaming Stick and other models is the technology inside. The Streaming Stick doesn’t include a headphone jack, for example, nor does it support 4K televisions, while most other Roku models do (the newer Roku Streaming Stick + has 4K TV support, but no headphone jack). You can use roku.com/link to enter a code to get started with your Roku experience.


Moreover, setting up your Roku Streaming Stick is very straightforward. You just require inserting the Roku Streaming Stick in an unused HDMI input on the back of your television. Then turn the TV on and set it to the right HDMI input for the Streaming Stick.

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Hence, you can be sure that you have the best experience in entertainment. You can use Roku.com/link to create an account and ensure that you get started with Roku.


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