4 Smart Ways to Deal With Unwanted Stuff Before Moving

If you’ve lived under one roof with your family for years, the chances are that you’ve accumulated a lot of things you never used or won’t need soon. And, naturally, everything is fine, until you’ve decided to relocate to a new place. You can’t throw all your possessions in the boxes —right from toys in your kid’s room to gardening equipment in the garage— and move.

Some of the stuff you’ve to leave behind to save on moving costs, which is calculated based on overall shipment weight as a substantial factor. Besides, you’ve to spend less time unpacking and organising your house.

Read on to learn how to deal with things you don’t need before the moving day:

#1. Sell Your Stuff Online

Selling your things online is one of the most productive ways to purge stuff before moving. The best part is you’ll pocket extra cash to cover your expenses of hiring a moving company in Sydney to make your big day smooth & hassle-free.

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First, you’ve to count the days you’ve before moving, figure out, whether there is enough time to sell online or not. You can always sell your things after the move, but you’ll have to pay for extra transportation, and the real motive of getting rid of stuff is not satisfied this way.

a). You need to prepare the items you want to sell online on various used product marketplaces like eBay.

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b). Do minor repairing fixes to make them look good.

c). Assess the value of your stuff and then set reasonable prices so that they sell relatively fast.

d). Take a couple of real photos of the items, make sure you take a few close-ups too so that the prospective buyers know the condition.

e). Write a catchy Ad, but be realistic, just include the highlights of the products and their features and promote them on social media sites to spread the word.

#2. A Moving Sale

A Moving Sale

Organising a moving sale at the garage a few days before the moving day is another great way to make cash for the stuff you don’t need.

Invite the people to come to your yard sale, and buy things they might find useful to them.

Saturdays are rated as the best days for holding a garage sale, as your neighbours with families can pay a visit to your moving sale.

Do contact your local authorities to know if there is any permit for holding a yard sale.

Just like selling things online, clever advertising with reasonable pricing is the way to sell your stuff fast.

Make sure the sale is open and safe for children so that it becomes a family event. And, greet all kinds of people with a big smile on your face.

#3. Give Things to Relatives & Friends

If you don’t have the time or energy to hold a moving yard sale or sell unwanted things online, then the best way out is to give some of the things to your friends and relatives.

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For instance, one of your co-workers is learning to play golf, while you’ve given up your passion several years back, so you can give them our golf kit lying in the garage accumulating dust.

Yes, it is true, you won’t be pocketing real money, nothing compares to making someone happy. So, it’s a win-win situation, you keep your moving expenses under control while making some good friends and strengthening your relationships.

#4. Donate to Charity

Donate to Charity

Of course, this is the best way to deal with things you don’t need. Just think of so many less fortunate people. Your move could be the right time to do something good for the community you live in. There are several trustable charity organizations for kids that will gladly accept the stuff you don’t require.

Research such charities online and check out who they support, so that your things go in the right hands.

Also make sure the things you are donating are clean, well-preserved like a gift. Some charities come to your location to pick up the things, while others may request to drop them off at their location.

We hope you’ll try these practical ways to get rid of stuff you don’t want to move. Before you donate, sell or recycle,


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