By adding custom features to your home, you can personalise your house to reflect your personality. The simplest way to do this is by changing your décor such as the furnishings, curtains and accessories. You could go wild with funky paint colours or tone down with a cool white lounge suite. Adding luxury rugs or hanging art on the walls are all other ways of customising your home. 

Homeowners living in sunny climates take advantage of outdoor blinds to create a unique and personalised entertainment area. And, you could consider installing custom skylights Sydney homeowners are using to add a touch of personality to their homes. 

Custom home features are a fun and creative way of turning your home into your own personal retreat that is comfortable and matches your style. Here are six cool ideas for customising your home without having to make any major changes to the structure of your home. 

1. Install Custom Skylights

Skylights are a wonderful way of bringing natural lighting into your home without breaking down walls, adding larger windows or relying on lighter paint colours to brighten a dark room.

Gone are the days of ugly contraptions being stuck onto your roof and ugly features on the ceiling of your room. Modern designs ensure that skylights not only bring in daylight but enhance the décor of your home. You can pick from a range of decorative skylight fixtures to customise the appearance of the skylight while matching it to your home’s current style and personality.  

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2. Create a Personalised Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one place where you can truly showcase your personal taste. Consider designing your own custom-styled bed and find the perfect bedding linen to represent the theme of your choice. Think luxurious fabrics when picking curtains and don’t forget to throw in some beautiful rugs.

If you have a walk-in closet, include custom made wardrobes and shoe racks to amp up the elegance of your master bedroom. While you can add some beautiful light fittings, consider a skylight as well for daylight ambience.

3. Create an Outdoor Entertainment Area

Installing outdoor blinds with customised features will help you create a special outside entertaining area for you and your guests. These blinds are designed to modernise the appearance of any patio while protecting it from the weather.

When picking your outdoor blinds, consider features such as the type of fabric, motorised or hand-operated options and clear PVC to allow you to keep the views. Blinds can be made to fit any size and you can also use them to turn an unused space into a playroom for the kids. 

4. The Spa Bathroom

If you love the idea of treating yourself to regular spa treatments at home, why not customise your bathroom? Go all out and install a large walk-in shower with large overhead and side jets, customised tiles that create a serene atmosphere and water-loving plants for natural greenery. Don’t forget the thick, fluffy towels!

Other custom features you can add to your spa bathroom include a stainless-steel bathroom caddy to store all those wonderful spa goodies, a luxurious rug and dim lighting. Custom artwork is another way of customising your own spa bathroom as well as a large, standalone tub for hour-long soaking. 

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5. A Home Chef Kitchen

Customising your kitchen is so easy once you know how to do it. Under-cabinet lighting, sunken sink design and a large island are just some of the cool ideas for personalising your home chef kitchen. If space allows, create a kitchen nook for family and friends to sit and chat while you’re whipping up a gourmet meal.

Go overboard with high-quality appliances that look funky on your kitchen countertop such as a fancy espresso coffee machine or high-end food blender. One-touch sliding drawers not only make cooking in your home chef kitchen a breeze, but it also makes it easier to reach cutlery when you’re preparing a tasty meal. 

6. Customised Garden Features

Add some personalisation to your garden too. Water features are one way of adding a touch of your own uniqueness to the garden and you can custom design one to suit your own personal style. Create your own Zen garden and if space allows grow a labyrinth for your daily mindfulness walks outside.

Custom designed gardens allow you to go wild with your imagination. Get creative with the types of plants you grow and don’t forget to place a custom garden bench next to your water feature. Build your own sitting spot with a gazebo in a secluded part of your garden and enjoy spending time outdoors. 

Final Thoughts

Customising your home is a wonderful way to express your own creativity and personality. From installing custom skylights to crafting a garden with water features and benches, you can do anything you want to personalise your private space. Custom home features simply add the extra touch that makes your home unique to you and your family.

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What custom feature will you be adding to your home to create a personal impression?


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