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It can get boring looking at a white wall all the time but luckily when it comes to customising your house there are a lot of ways to get it done. You can make your house completely your own and reflect your personality. Isn’t it exciting transforming an item into something else? And that’s completely possible with customising your home. 

These days everyone is looking for something to make their homes stand out from the rest. It’s how you make a property your own. With custom garage doors, outdoor accent walls and even landscaping, you can simply take your pick. 

Is it your first time working on your home? Or did you run out of ideas? The experts are here to help. We’ll go through five ways to customise your home that will result in striking end results. 

1. Outdoor Accent Wall

An accent wall can be created within your house but a great way to optimise your customisation process would be to have it on the outside. This would be one of the first features of your house people who pass by and visitors will see, making it a great conversation starter. 

With some creativity, you can really make something special on the accent wall and tailor it to your personal preference. You can either use a different colour paint to the rest of your house, wooden pallets for a few rustic decorations or even a wall of flowers if you have a green thumb. The options are endless. 

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2. Custom Garage Door

Besides your front door, your garage door is another feature people will see first when they face your house. Having your garage door custom made could be a great way to make your house stand out. You can choose one of many colours, so yours can match your outside décor theme. There are also various materials as well as unique designs that could fit not only the space but your personality.

These days, garage doors don’t simply have to be functional but stylish too which is the best of both worlds. There’s nothing stopping you from going all out and getting a garage door that really gets people talking. If being the talk of the town is not what you’re aiming for, don’t worry you can still make a statement without being over the top. 

3. Unique Furniture

Moving inside of your house, you can look for unique pieces of furniture to add a little more character to your rooms. This can be tables, chairs or paintings. What do you have space for? A wall decoration or a chair to place in the corner? 

If purchasing something is out of your budget, you can also refresh your current furniture. This way it will seem as if you’ve bought something new, but you’ve actually just upcycled. It can be a great way to utilise what you already own and limit unnecessary waste and expenses.

4. Switch Out Light Fixtures and Bulbs

Lighting can make a huge difference to a house and if you’ve been unimpressed with what’s already been installed, you can change them rather easily. This is a cheap way to change the look of the inside of your house as you can make each room look a little different all thanks to the lighting. For example, use warm white for bedrooms and a more clinical bright light for a study or over an accent wall. Alternatively, change fixtures and lamp shades for a more decorative look.

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The fixtures themselves can draw the eyes of the people in your house while the bulbs are lighting up the space. Choose different ones for every room in your house so you create multiple unique settings.

5. Garden Wall Decor

Working from the front to the back of your house, you’ll be able to customise as much as you want but if you prefer changing things up in your garden then that’s also an option. You can take advantage of the space you’ve got by cleaning it up and planting new flowers. Just that alone can transform the look and atmosphere for when you sit outside. 

Now take it a step further. Much like an accent wall, garden wall decor can be something you may be interested in trying. This can take up either a normal wall or a fence and with such a large area to work with, you can make your creativity go wild. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to decorating your home, you can really get creative. It’s a great canvas for you to let your artistic side come out as well as get your family members involved. It can be a family activity that everyone can be a part of, so you all feel even more at home in your space. 

There is no reason for you to feel as if your house is just another boring building in your street. Do just a few simple things in order to get the house you dream about—and it doesn’t have to break the bank either! 

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Get creative with the space you’ve got and fall in love with your home all over again. 


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