Ways to Surprise your Super Cool Bro!

Brother – the word that carries a lot of emotions for any sister. After all, brother is the one who has always been there for you. The one with whom you have most of the childhood memories. The one who always gives you the best advice. The one that saves you from the parents’ scolding. The one who is always there to handle your mood swings. The one who is your smiling punching bag. But now, if you and your brother are separated because of his job, studies, marriage, etc., then surely you should surprise him from time to time to express your gratitude. Such a super awesome and super cool bro like yours should be treated with amazing surprises. Below, we have listed down some of the ways through which you can make that smile on his face go wider.

1. Guitarist on Call

No matter the distance between you and your brother, you can dedicate songs to him to express your feelings with the help of this digital service. The guitarist/singer performs live music over the video call, taking you and your bro on the conference call. Make sure that you choose some of his favorite songs to be played.

2. Surprise Visit

Nothing’s better than showing up at his doorstep with a bunch of flowers in your hand. Plan a weekend surprise visit as he will be free to spend some quality time with you. Stay at home with him or go out the streets, watch movies, eat food, have some great fun times. The surprise visit will surely lift him off his feet.

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3. Special Rakhi Delivery

If Raksha Bandhan is around, then book rakhi and rakhi gifts in advance. Many online portals are providing Rakhi delivery services, so it won’t be trouble for you. Easily send rakhi to Malaysia, USA, UK, Germany, UAE, Canada, or in any other country where he resides. Along with the rakhi, send him delightful rakhi sweets and gifts to make the special festival more exciting. 

4. E-Gift Cards

The most in-trend online gift is an e-gift card. You know the brands and websites that your brother generally orders from. Buy an e-gift card from that website and send it straight to your brother’s email inbox. It will fill him with happiness to the core. You can even send him an online streaming website’s gift cards like Netflix, Spotify, etc.

5. Floral Subscription

Blooming blooms can brighten up anyone’s day. Send a floral subscription to your brother and shower him with delightful and charming fresh flowers weekly or monthly. It will add to his home decor and will fill the house with refreshing positive vibes. Don’t forget to renew the subscription!

So, these were some of the ways through which you can surprise your super cool bro on any day throughout the year. Express it all with sweet gestures of yours and bring a graceful smile to his face. Your gesture will surely be appreciated and will mean the world to him.

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