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The software Development field has gained a lot of reputation for high-income generation and outsourcing. Especially for organizations in developed nations, Software development companies often have a partner in other countries to manage their workload. In offshoring, organizations look for professionals in faraway countries, different from their timezone, or even other languages but with specific skills. With continuous growth in technologies and fierce competition, organizations look to build reliable and trustworthy offshore software development teams to assist them in achieving their goals.

What is Offshore/Outsource Software Development?

In simple terms, the offshore development process begins when an organization outsources their work to other companies. They may start as a completely new organization with similar services in another country or work in coordination with an already reputable company offering these services. This offshore company has a team of developers with specific skill sets to match their organizational goals.

Offshore software development services may include web development, application development, product development, cloud or managed services as well. In some cases, they might take over from a running organization or start completely from scratch by hiring individuals to match their work requirements.

Lack of top talents and high salary are the two major reasons that organizations in the developed nations look to solve through offshore development. Less developing nations such as India and China etc. have a lower cost of living than the US or UK. This cost difference allows businesses to leverage substantial benefits. Likewise, costs for operating offices with complete administration and developers team is also significantly lower. Office space, equipment, and subsequent maintenance are also taken under consideration when finalizing expenses.

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In top developed nations such as the US, Canada, UK, etc. there is a massive demand for top professionals to match the software industry needs. And with offshore development, they complement the gap by hiring talented individuals to handle their work effectively.

Another critical benefit of offshore development is that top organization doesn’t have to train the developers in the beginning as they hire experts directly and leaving the training part to that partner firm only.

Working with top developers also makes the project deliver in quick and proficient time without any unnecessary delays. Overall this enhances the company productivity and provides them with enough time & opportunities to explore more options in the market rather than just being focused on work.

Depending on the organization’s needs, one may also hire offshore developers for specific requirements. Suppose they hire an iOS developer for a particular app project, in this case, he or she must have the skillset to handle project scope. Whereas for a large and complex project, one needs diverse expertise to deliver the project that only a team can provide with a combination of different skills.

Challenges and Solutions

In the early phase, several challenges are seen with offshore development as Communication, practices, and scheduling create a lot of obstacles in daily routines. But with time, the whole process was streamlined to build a systematic path. Still, cultural differences and coordination create unnecessary delays. Teams must understand each other’s cultural values, respect their business partnership and have short meetings face to face routinely to get familiar with their style of working.

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Offshore software development best practices may change from one company to another, for instance, tools for mobile application will be completely different from web development, though the approach remains the same. So the organization must start with set rules, practices, tools, and collective approaches to lead offshore teams.

To avoid any fraudulent or shady activities, the recruitment process has to be accurate. There will always be some low-level companies building a bad reputation in the market. Organizations must prepare smart job descriptions, roles and duties for developers before going to look for offshoring software development. Individual capabilities to handle the specific tasks and their learning curve must match the overall company needs. This helps them in selecting the right candidates for the job and get more efficiency through their output.


Although offshore software development has many advantages, still there are several challenges faced by teams from both sides to follow the same directions. It is recommended that companies follow set rules, policies, standard codes, practices, and complete projects on deadlines to have a long sustainable success for the future.

Cost-effectiveness and a hugely talented pool of developers are the two major benefits seen with IT offshoring. India continues to be the hub for offshoring software development expected to grow from its current evaluation of $150+ billion to $350 billion in 2025. (source)

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