10 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Marketing

Smartphones have changed the way the world looks at things. Users depend on their smartphones for numerous things. There are applications for communications, finances, newspapers, socializing, shopping, entertainment, navigation, and so on. These can become powerful avenues for marketing to reach out to a very wide audience across the world.

Thousands of mobile apps get added to the App Store and Play Store every day. These apps contribute billions of dollars to revenue, even though they charge a small fee to the users. This is enough to show the reach of mobile applications as a whole. Additionally, the amount of time the users spend on smartphones only serves to magnify the possible impact of mobile apps. This shows that there is immense scope for an app with the right kind of service and the right marketing. This also signifies the tough competition that an app faces. To benefit largely from an app, it needs to be marketed well. You must take care to ensure that your app marketing agency helps you to avoid the following mistakes:

#1. Launch an Application for the Browser Alone

A web-based application will not be able to compete against the native applications that are available on the App Store and Play Store as they take away the convenience of using them anytime and anywhere. Moreover, users will look for alternatives to native applications and you will end up losing out to your competitors.

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#2. Not Doing Enough Research

When launching an app and marketing it, you must conduct thorough research about similar applications and understand the response of users to them. This also helps you identify the potential consumers for your app and prepare yourself to be able to fill in for the gaps.

#3. Missing Out on App Store Optimisation

If your app is to be downloaded, it first needs to be found in the online stores. For it to be discoverable, you need to take care of the App Store Optimisation (ASO) aspect. For this, you need to ensure that the title and description are catchy and include the relevant keywords. ASO, like SEO, is a continuous process rather than a one-time event. Your app marketing agency can take care of this.

#4. Believing That a Mobile and Desktop Can Give the Same Experience

The apps should be designed to keep the interface in mind. The apps designed keeping the desktop in mind will fail to retain its users. You must keep in mind that mobile screens are smaller and the apps need to be designed as such. You should take care of aspects like visual appeal, clarity of features, and larger buttons.

#5. Not Using Social Media to Promote Your App

If you want to promote your app, social media is the best platform to do so as billions of users are registered with them and use them very frequently. The app marketing services should remember that the usage of these platforms is not limited to news, videos, and audios. If you miss out here, you will regret the loss of possibly huge revenues.

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#6. Not Understanding the Value of Customer Reviews

Many users evaluate an app based on the ratings and reviews posted by current customers of the app. This helps them decide whether they should consider downloading the app or not.  These ratings also affect your ranking in the search results of the app stores. Your app must include a form for submitting user experience ratings.

#7. Restricting Yourself to Online Marketing

This is important, specifically when you want to target an audience that is more comfortable with offline advertising and non-digital media. This also depends on the nature of the app. For example, offline advertising channels must be considered for apps, which concern the general non-tech-savvy public.

#8. Not Updating the Apps Regularly

The users may not give positive feedback willingly, but if there is something that they don’t like about your app, they are very likely to voice it. You need to take this feedback constructively and update the app accordingly. Further, you should update the app regularly to take care of any bugs that are discovered. You must also keep thinking of new features to retain your old customers and attract new ones.

#9. Delaying the Marketing Efforts for Your App

A delay in promotional efforts for the app leads to a lack of excitement among consumers. This excitement can be nurtured by sneak-peeks and advertorials released on various relevant channels as you start preparing the app. This also gets you reviews about the expected content. You can put this feedback to good use even in the early stages.

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#10. Missing Out on Blogs

If users do not hear of your app on certain authoritative blogs, they may not want to give it the credit it deserves. So, reach out to these bloggers and ensure that your app is featured in their posts.

If you avoid these mistakes while marketing the app, you can relax and be assured that you have put in your best efforts.


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