06 Ways to Optimize Your Website

When you start a website you might always want to get the highest possible levels of traffic from the said site. By driving relevant traffic and tuning it to the needs of your audience you will be able to make the most of your online presence.

Google doesn’t and needn’t always favor you. Marketers may find themselves in stark contrast to Google. They may witness huge drops in rankings and traffic after updates.

However, Google wants the same thing that you want. That provides the best possible experience to both you and the visitors.

To that end here’s what you can do.

#1. Research and create the content of great quality for your audience.

That’s the first and foremost thing that can drive traffic back to your site. The next thing to do is invest in creating a great user experience for your users.

Engage in writing great content that tends to give value to readers. There’s not one but several ways to do this.

You can approach this in several different ways. Google analyzes and ranks several million websites to understand how the audience behaves online.

With over 200 different ranking factors Google is adept at discovering the kind of content that should ideally appear when regular people type in something to research. The algorithm gives a great deal of attention to present the exact kind of advice people are hunting for. This satisfies user intent.

When you focus on SEO, keyword research is the most important thing to pay attention to. Choose LSI keywords in your articles to properly score on search intent

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That helps you create great content, great webinars, and great podcasts.

To make sure that Google understands your content include meta keywords and descriptions in your content. This aids them to understand what you wrote.

When you optimize content for conversions always be careful to drive people towards a particular relevant goal. These goals may differ from getting people to become subscribers. Or purchase your products.

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Choose goals wisely. Focus on them sharply. Optimize site for SEO to create a better standing for your site on search engines.

#2. Improve organic traffic

Businesses generally tend to spend over 1% of the revenue on advertising. That means a business with millions in revenue will spend a few hundred thousand dollars on advertising.

Consider all the amount you’re spending on advertising. It’s free to get all the traffic through SEO.

You need content and you need backlinks to get it going. However, content efforts aren’t going to be more expensive.

Levi the Director of Marketing from 2ndkitchen says that “Content marketing provides brands with a moat against competitors. The content you create today keeps attracting leads over time.”

Improve organic traffic

People who come from search engines by searching for some keywords generally have a much higher conversion rate than those who come from paid search.

Invest time efforts and agency into growing organic traffic through SEO. Granted that it won’t be easy and will take some time but will improve the number of sales you get. Or leads you generate.

#3. Improve conversions

It’s possible to build beautiful websites from scratch. However, there are only a few sites where the conversions can cross more than one percent.

If you want your traffic to convert at better rates you need to first study your audience and see what makes them tick. What are they expecting from your site?

With research, it’s easy to improve your conversion rates. People visiting your site need to find quickly what the site is about and also appreciate whatever you offer. This improves brand results.

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#4. Cater to the mind of the visitor

Let’s say you own an eCommerce site that retails a few things. One of these things is inverters.

Once you discover that you need to optimize your site for different things around inverters. Ay best inverters, or the list of top 10 inverters. Long-form content means more conversions

#5. The golden goose- your website data

To start optimizing your website, you need the full picture. You need to see and understand all the data around your customers. When you do this, patterns begin to emerge. When people visit your site and don’t click on the big bold call to action, you have a problem. This hints that you need to make changes to your site to iron out kinks and get people to convert.

Where to find this data? There’s a lot of data available on sites like the search console. They are filled with insights into how users behave. With this, you know what they do when they land to your site, their sessions, number of views, and bounce rates. All give you the big picture.

Get the data before to look and create specific patterns and try to understand your audience with that. How are people finding your site? Where are the referrals coming from and so on

#6. Focus on the right channels

There are tons of channels out there. Social media. Email marketing. Phone. Search.

Even with all these channels, not everyone is going to be the right channel for your product. Even within channels, there may be multiple avenues. We club social media marketing as a single objective. But social media isn’t a single entity. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a dozen major social media sites.

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You don’t want to use every single one for your business. You want to focus on the right ones.

What to consider? For example, Facebook is a great place to promote your product and get people to your site. Facebook has a very broad audience. Facebook is right for your brand if you focus equally on men and women. If it’s a female-centric audience you want to focus on Pinterest instead.

Also, you’ll want to think about the number of paid channels. It’s easier to pay for sponsored content and show your product in a relevant way than to just promote your product organically. You’ll also want to think about how to get influencers on your social media channels. In general, it’s better to focus on influencers who have a good following and get them to re-share your content.

You will need to do a bit of market research, so that you know which channels are right for your product. Sometimes a demographic focus is what’s needed.

Other times spend time and effort based on what’s working.

#7. Don’t Forget New content marketing formats like podcasts

Speedier internet is changing the way we consume content. Podcasts, videos, and new content marketing formats have taken the center stage. Text is no longer the king. New content marketing formats are exploring the way different people like learning about a product.

Podcasts are an incredible way to share your content and get your audience to listen to you. While most people don’t believe they should be utilizing podcasting in their marketing strategy, they’re ideal to show more of your true personality. With a voice that rings true, people get a feel of what you’re inside.

What do you think of our seven tips to optimize your content and use that to rank your site better and get more leads?


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