A Practical Guide to Advertising for Clinical Patient Recruitment using Facebook Advertising Platform

There’s no doubt that the Facebook advertising platform for clinical researchers who needs to recruit patients for trial marketing, has emerged as one of the most powerful, efficient, and effective clinical trial recruitment engines. It is so because Facebook as a social media platform has more than 1.5 billion users and it tracks everything about their behavior and what they like, share, view, and comment to store all this information for advertising purposes.

So, this massive user database of Facebook provides a great opportunity for creating serious advertising potential for clinical trial marketing and patient recruitment process to target as well as to reach an unprecedented number of diverse groups in a cost-effective manner.

However, it seems like if you’re using Facebook’s advertising platform for the first time, you need a helping hand while getting started with it. It is because creating, designing, and handling the clinical recruitment campaigns need some technical know-how about the sense of how the Facebook advertising platform works.

Therefore, to give you some expertise in this matter, we’ve mentioned the steps and procedures that are necessarily required and important in setting up a Facebook Recruitment Campaign from the Face:

Before starting with the Facebook Recruitment Campaign process, it is also necessary to decide about which platform you want to get yourself register for starting an advertising campaign. It is so because all the advertising on the Facebook Platform is set up and run through two platforms i.e., either from Facebook Ads Manager (its internal platform) or from a third party program (such as Ad Espresso).

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Generally, for the first time user, we recommend that Facebook Ads Manager i.e. using your ‘Facebook Account’ is the perfect fit and if it’s not your first time, then you should go for using Ad Espresso. Now, get yourself ready to create great ads with these below given 5 steps:

1. Identify your goals

Identify your goal and set your objective: Not only Facebook ad campaign but every other effective campaign needs to have a proper set of objectives and goals. Therefore, to get the optimal outcomes from Facebook ads campaign, set some solid objectives to it by identifying your campaign goals from Facebook’s three categories i.e., awareness, conversion, and consideration.

2. Define your audience

Define the Target Audience of your ad campaign:

After setting the objectives, start defining your audiences based on both demographics and interests. Other than that to define your target audiences effectively use these parameters:

a). Location-

You should target Facebook users who are located within a 10-mile radius of your research site.

b). Age-

with Facebook, you can target both younger generations and the older generations at the same time. So, you can either target all ages from 18 to 65 or the eligible audience of 40+ ages. To help you more precisely in this matter here’s the full age group breakdown of Facebook users:

  • 10% are 65 or older age
  • 15% are of 55 and 64 age
  • 18% are of 45 and 54 age
  • 19% are of 35 and 44 age
  • 22% are of 25 and 34 age
  • 16% are of 18 and 24 age
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c). Gender-

Decide whether your campaign pertains to women or men or for that matter to both. Then, based on that, target your audience!

d). Interest-

Before designing the campaign also look out for the interests relating to the health condition you are studying in your clinical trial of your target patients that they may have expressed on Facebook.

3. Set your Campaign Budget

With Facebook do not worry about the campaign cost. It makes it easy for you to control your spending by allowing you to choose yourself about how much you want to spend. However, it is suggested that instead of spending a large amount of budget, start with a small amount of budget. In starting to measure the number of patient’s enrollments in the first campaign.

4. Design your Ad Campaign

Before publishing your ad campaign, design it effectively. In this matter, Facebook helps you design the ad for the clinical trial by offering you the number of ad formats including videos, photos, and carousel styles. It even has a format called ‘lead’ that
encourages your audience to click through to drive the traffic to other micro-sites for the further qualification process.

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5. Check your reach and post your ad campaign:

Facebook Ad Manager will help you decide what your estimated campaign reach should be! That means who can see your ad and will click on it to sign up for the clinical trial.

That’s it! This way you can give a start to your clinical ad campaign for recruiting patients. But, not to forget that this is just a small glimpse of Facebook’s advertising potential. So, if you want to know more in detail visit the technical site “Get assist” for further assistance.

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