wordpress plugin

Plugins are upgrades that you can add to your website. They help your site function better, make it easier for you to perform certain actions, further improve your site, and can be very useful. Today there is a very large selection of plugins, and it is difficult to decide which of them you need and which you do not. That is why we have decided to single out a few plugins that we believe every page should have, regardless of the type or purpose.

WP Reset

WP Reset is one of the greatest WordPress plugins, and it should be installed on every website. The most significant benefit of this plugin is that it can assist you in recovering your site if something goes wrong. It has four main characteristics.

The first is the Emergency Recovery Script, which assists you in restoring your website.

Snapshots are the second one. You may take database snapshots of your site before making major changes so that if you don’t like the results, you can easily go back to where you started.


The third is that you may Reset your site to whatever degree you desire.

Collections are the fourth feature. The Collections feature allows you to install groups of plugins. That way, you don’t have to install your plugins one by one, which saves time. In the Collections feature, you may modify your collection, clone your collection, or add collections from another site. 

WP Reset also helps to maintain your site clean and optimized by speeding up the process of building and testing it.

As said earlier, the Emergency Recovery Script is a feature within WP Reset. It helps you with recovering your site no matter how bad it gets broken. It is great for situations when there is no way to contact the administrator, the integrity of critical files has been jeopardized (accidental delete or malware), you see the white screen of death, you are unable to log in, you need to restore a snapshot but are unable to access WP admin, your password-recovery emails are not being delivered, you enabled a malicious plugin or theme, which rendered the entire site inoperable, etc. 

It is always great to have this tool available, so you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong. That is why WP Reset is a must-have plugin.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

It takes a long time to create, set up, and maintain a website. While you’re waiting for all of this to come together, it’s a good idea to set up a coming soon page. A coming soon page is a page that provides a sneak peek at your site before it is completed and can be created with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode. In this manner, you may provide visitors a quick glance at the website while successfully masking what is going on behind the scenes. Coming soon pages help with SEO, creating hype around the site, expanding the email list, etc. Also, maintenance pages allow the site to be repaired or improved without losing visitors in the meantime.


The page may function as both a landing page and a “coming soon” page.

There are several layouts to pick from, as well as over 170 distinct themes. The great thing is that it just takes around 2 minutes to complete a page.

WP Sticky

With WP Sticky, you can make a sticky widget, header, footer, or any other sticky element. It works so that you can “stick” any element of your page, so even when a visitor scrolls through your site, the sticky element stays visible. This is a great plugin if you want to highlight something on your page. You don’t need any coding knowledge; everything is very simple and user-friendly.

WP 301 Redirects

Mistakes can occur. A visitor arrives at your website and discovers a broken link; you removed an article, or it may have been an error. Broken links, whatever the cause, are a poor omen for businesses.

WP 301 Redirects is a WordPress plugin that automatically redirects posts and pages, maintains affiliate links, and gives you complete control over all of the links on sites you administer.

Google Maps Widget 

Google Maps Widget was designed to allow you to quickly add a map to your website, independent of your technical capabilities or the WordPress theme you’re using. All maps are customizable, can have multiple pins, and are mobile-responsive. These maps can be used in menus, sidebars, posts, etc. It can be a great addition to your site if you are a shop owner or a restaurant owner to show exactly on a map where you are located. It can also be a great tool for travel bloggers to show their audience where exactly they are traveling or staying.

This plugin is often updated and is always adding new features. It is simple and quick to create a map. The plugin is also simple to use, and you may create as many maps as you like, as well as use street views and instructions.


Creating a website can be a daunting task. While it’s a lot easier today than it used to be because you don’t have to have any special coding knowledge, the large selection of plugins and options can be confusing. That is why it is best to take basic plugins that are universal for every site. You can’t go wrong with these plugins. They will help you no matter what type of site you have.