Choosing Online Casino Platform

The online casino has gained widespread prominence in the gambling vertical. Thanks to heavyweight gaming software like Real Time Gaming (RTG), providers constantly roll out state-of-the-art and exciting games.

Apart from that, RTG operates with high standards, and the casinos they service are always fair, reputable, and have a generous bonus system. This has made Casino enthusiasts widely seek Real Time Gaming Casinos.

That being said, I’m sure you’re eager to sign up for an RTG online casino and start enjoying its many benefits today. But be warned, first-timers are prone to some mistakes when choosing an online casino.

For this reason, I’ll be listing out seven mistakes to avoid when choosing an online casino platform.

1. Presenting False Information During the Registration

It is usual for gamblers to want to keep their real names discreet. This may happen because such players don’t want third parties to know about their participation in gambling activities.

While this is a good tactic to stay below the radar, it could backfire down the line.

For example, a player who registered with false information may eventually have difficulty withdrawing their winnings. And trust me, nothing can frustrate a gambler more than being deprived of their earnings.

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Reputable online casinos practice a KYC policy (Know Your Customer), which is why they always verify user information before they pay the winnings. This helps them to ascertain that the real owner of the account receives the earnings.

2. Failure to Read the Terms

Many product users skip reading the terms and conditions associated with the products or services, which can have adverse effects later.

As boring as reading T&Cs may be, it could contain vital information about promos, cashouts, and bonuses that aren’t mentioned on the site’s other pages. This information will tell you just how viable these promotions are and if they are right for you.

Your hope will be dashed when you win a certain amount of money on a slot, only to receive less, and later find out it has been stated in the T&Cs which you failed to read.

The good news is, reading T&Cs won’t even take you more than 10 minutes.

3. Not Knowing the Supported Payment Options

Another big mistake many new signees make is failing to understand the banking methods the online casino offers.

Many newbies assume that every online casino transacts with popular payment portals like Mastercard, Payoneer, and PayPal. But, often, this might not be the case.

It is worth mentioning that many new online casinos do not even offer traditional banking options whatsoever, as they prefer transacting with cryptocurrency.

If you don’t know how cryptocurrency works, this would be a big problem for you.

4. Choosing a Casino with a Bad Reputation

Gambling is heavily based on cash, as you have to stake money on a bet and get money back when you win. And since money is heavily involved, it is wise you register with a trustworthy online casino.

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So how do you select a reliable and reputable brand?

You can check if they are licensed by a reputable gaming commission like the UKGC or Malta Gaming Authority. You can also check the reviews on industry-leading gambling portals to seek an expert opinion about the casino.

5. Registering with a Casino with Large Minimum Bet

Registering with a casino that has huge minimum bets is a big mistake for new signees. This is because they will be forced to stake high on games they haven’t even mastered yet.

By doing so, the player is at significant risk of losing large sums of money, which can eventually lead to bankruptcy and debt consolidation if players continue gambling on such platforms.

6. Registering at an Online Casino That Isn’t Mobile-friendly

Most online gamblers access casinos via their mobile devices, which is why you need to ensure that the platform you register with is mobile-friendly.

A typical mobile-friendly casino will have all the buttons and pages displayed on their site, which helps improve your gaming experience.

You must avoid a situation where the casino you chose doesn’t load quickly on your phone or has poor graphics quality when you try to log in from a mobile device. As such, ensure that you check the casino’s mobile compatibility before you fund your account.

7. Picking A Casino Without Knowing How Good Their Customer Support Is

Online casinos need good customer support to ensure that their players’ questions and complaints are attended to in the fastest possible time.

These are the kinds of online casinos you should register with, as they are friendly, not pushy, and always willing to help customers when they run into issues.

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On this note, casinos with a wide range of customer support options are your best bet.


Online casinos should be entertaining and rewarding, but only when you avoid the pitfalls and pick the right one. If you want to enjoy the very best of an online casino, then strive to avoid the common pitfalls highlighted above.

Good luck!



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