Gaming Addiction Symptoms: Analyze Yourself to Ensure Safety

Hello, fellow gambler! We remind you that getting big wins is amazing only when there is carefulness. Of course, there are new gripping games in Joo Casino Australia — check the novelties out if you are calm and relaxed. Yet, let us first ensure that you are in the right mood to enjoy your hobby without detriments. 

The 8 Questions that Will Tell You if You Have a Challenge with Gaming Excessiveness 

1. Do you feel alright when you have not played for a few days? 

Suppose it has been two days without logging into your fav gaming website. Is there a speck of irritation? Are there uncontrollable urges to let everything slip because you must hit the spin button ASAP? Now picture ignoring this particular hobby for a week. What are your feelings?

We hope that your emotions remain stable and there is the calmness you need to cope with daily tasks. If, on the contrary, you get anxious and fidgety, it is a warning sign.

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2. Do you neglect your health?

Taking care of your physical state is essential if you want to be productive and happy. If playing online casino games means sitting in front of the monitor for days and forgetting about basic needs like food and water, you might have a problem.

3. Do you sustain rationality?

Sometimes big love for gaming online drives us mad, and we start acting briskly without sparing a second to think about the consequences. Suppose you have noticed a new casino. Have you checked independent and unbiased online casino reviews before claiming that tasty bonus? Remember that gaming requires skills in combo with a calm mind.

4. Do you think about your favorite hobby all the time?

When you wake up in the morning, is the first thing that comes to mind related to gambling? Do you make decisions considering whether it will allow you to play or not? If yes, be attentive, as such an obsession will sooner or later result in severe problems.

5. Do you lie to your close people?

The most alarming symptom is secrecy, which means a person tries to cover up the addiction and cannot control the situation anymore. If you start hiding your gambling activities and feel ashamed of spending time this way, it is high time you ask for professional help.

6. Do you neglect your work?

Have you recently been absent from work more often or had conflicts with colleagues because of your hobby? If yes, then most likely, gambling has become an issue. When the only thing you can think about is a new game to try, it might result in job loss.

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7. Do you spend all your cash on games?

When a person is addicted to anything, the first thing they sacrifice is a stable financial state. It is an alarming sign that paying bills or buying groceries has become a challenge for you, and all your salary goes to new games.

8. Do you get depressed when you lose?

When a player experiences a losing streak, some take it easy and try to assess the situation rationally. Others, on the contrary, get upset and depressed. If the second option concerns you, you most likely have developed an unhealthy relationship with gambling.

If you have answered “yes” more than two times, it is high time you started searching for professional help, as gambling addiction has already taken control over your life.

Symptoms That Far-Gone Gamblers Exhibit

Each case of gambling addiction is unique. Still, there are some common symptoms that almost every addicted player will experience. Here they are:

  • Chasing losses is the first and the most widespread symptom. When a person cannot stop and starts increasing bets desperately to get back the money, it is a clear sign of trouble.
  • Preoccupation with gambling activities is the second one. It is another alarming symptom if you think about games and cannot control urges.
  • Lying is the third manifestation of gambling addiction as players try to hide their activities and spending.
  • Isolation is one more sign indicating that a person has lost control. When an addicted gambler starts neglecting friends and family, it is clear that something is wrong, and professional help is needed.
  • Financial problems are inherent in all addicted gamblers as they spend all their money on games and often resort to loans.
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The Verdict + Help Centers

These are the most widespread symptoms showing that a person has become enslaved by gambling. If you have noticed them in yourself or your close people, it is high time you started searching for professional help to prevent severe consequences. For instance:

  • NCPG;
  • GamCare;
  • BeGambleAware.

Remember that being aware of the symptoms is the first step to recovery, and only then can you start working on solving this issue. Be strong, and everything will be fine!