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NCERT is the student’s most preferred institution of books to score extraordinarily in any examinations. Especially, most of the students of Central Boards of Secondary Education, a cornerstone of great schooling and education, personally prefer to use the NCERT textbooks as the board recommends the students to refer to these books. The NCERT books are well crafted by experts with great attention and consideration and have the most concise and important information that the students look out for. They have detailed and significant information on a wide array of topics for different subjects apt enough to crack almost all exams and even many competitive entrance exams like NEET, JEE, etc. 

The NCERT books provide the students with a range of important notes only and are a go-to guide for students, so that they can study and revise with ease and do not fuss about the vast syllabus or complicated topics. These books simplify information and explain from the basics so that students understand better and learning becomes an easy and interesting thing to do. The books are up-to-date with information and make students well aware of the events, happenings, discoveries and developments in almost every aspect around the world since the beginning of history. 

The NCERT provides well-composed books for all subjects including languages, science, math and social sciences for all standards. These books are inclusive of several solved questions for every chapter of every subject, alongside the exercises at the back of the text, which offers students a handy tool to interpret their skills and knowledge. These exercises include all important and tricky questions from the exam point of view that are most likely to be asked and are highly recommended to solve to pass the examinations with the best scores. Here’s a list of the subject wise NCERT important questions of all subjects from standard 6th to 12th with solutions. Following are a few reasons why you should check out these question banks:

1. CBSE includes these questions in exams

The board officially approves the NCERT textbook as the book sticks to the CBSE syllabus format and is up to date with the latest curriculum. The books are preferred by most students as it is previously noted that the CBSE includes many questions in the exams from these books only. The solved examples and exercises provide many tricky questions that the boards are likely to ask. Practising them ensures you get great scores.

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2. NCERT books ensure expertise

The NCERT books are easy to understand and one of the best study materials preferred by students. The books provide information in such a way that students enjoy learning, as everything is simplified. The important questions provided by the textbooks further highlight only the important aspects that are essential from the exam point of view and hence, the simplified matter makes it easier for students to study. Thus, the important questions ensure that students have learned a subject well and gain expertise with constant practice and revision.

3. Suggested by subject experts

The NCERT provides important questions in the textbooks that are well-sourced and researched, and are approved by the subject experts and professionals. Students do not need to worry about finding important topics from any other resources, as these questions are authentic and formulated after great scrutiny and consideration.

4. Improves analytical and problem-solving skills

While solved examples are a good assistive tool to practice what one has studied, the important questions are a great way to test one’s memory, analysis and problem-solving skills. One can test themselves and learn about their areas of practice and how much more revision they may need. Solving these questions gives one confidence in the kind of questions asked in examinations and enhances their time management skills.

5. Simplifies learning

The solved important questions by NCERT provide simplified solutions to the questions, making it easy to understand, learn and memorise them. They are written in simple and easy language, hence the solutions are pretty apparent and understandable and students can learn them without putting in much effort. Thus, NCERT simplifies the learning process with these important questions.

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6. Important questions save time

Whether you are preparing for 10th or 12th boards, or even for your usual high school examinations, the word “exams” is bound to give you stress. Thus, all students need a question bank including all the important questions, so that they are aware of crucial topics that they should learn and remember well. It helps them save extra time and effort that they would otherwise spend in studying topics that could be less important as compared to the ones given in the question bank. They would learn the topics that should be paid more attention to over others that could be less significant.

7. Helps in last-minute revisions

Last-minute revisions when the exam date sheet comes out, play a very crucial role in preparing for the coming exams. When the exam timetables are out, you barely have time to go through the entire syllabus of each subject all over again. It is at this time that referring to these important questions becomes very convenient to revise the topics and it helps in recalling all that you have studied from the chapter previously.

These are some reasons why studying the important questions of NCERT books are beneficial. Be it boards or not, exams demand extensive preparation, and it’s a very rigorous task to have full preparation that ensures great marks. In a competitive environment of education where achieving remarkable scores and a good percentage measures intelligence, it is necessary to have full-fledged preparation. As stated above, NCERT textbooks form an important resource of studying as they have well-researched information and study material to practice with solved examples and exercises that ensure good preparation. Hence, it is necessary to have a study plan and know the important topics and questions, which are provided by NCERT books, so students can refer to them and give it their all to prepare themselves perfectly and fare great in their exams.

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