Learn A Language

Every day a person listens to music and does not think about the fact that different songs can be listened to not only for your own pleasure but with their help you can also improve your English skills. After all, nowadays a lot of famous hits are written in this language, as it is one of the most popular.

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to expand your vocabulary. Since when we listen to a song that we like, we automatically try to memorize the words. Therefore, the more music you listen to, the better for learn.

How do songs help you learn a language?

Pop Songs in English are a useful tool for learning new vocabulary because:

  1. Music sticks. Surely everyone has had a song stuck in their head? The words swirl around in your head and on your tongue and get stuck in your brain for a long time. For this reason, songs are often used in the practice of foreign language courses.
  2. You can learn a language with music anywhere. You can download the right songs to your smartphone and listen to them in the car, on public transport, or while jogging.
  3. Singing songs improves pronunciation. Repetition of song lyrics after the singer – a native speaker, develops orthoepic skills.
  4. Song lyrics help you learn words in context. Observing how vocabulary is used in sentences is a key part of learning any language. You can’t learn individual words in a target language and expect to be fluent. And singing helps you learn how words function in different sentences.
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Learn a language with Pop Songs

Most importantly, learning a language with songs is fun and unusual. This way is not like monotonous, boring cramming or listening to audio lessons. When you learn a language, you’re exposed to beautiful and interesting music and English-speaking song culture.

5 Tips on How Pop Songs Can Help:

  1. Choose songs you like; songs you will enjoy listening to many times;
  2. Mentally translate the lyrics of the song right away, search for the translation of unfamiliar words in a dictionary or on the Internet;
  3. Listen to and repeat the lyrics until you remember the song and understand its meaning;
  4. If it is difficult, break the song into pieces and learn it in parts;
  5. Don’t just listen, but sing, too-it’s a step toward great pronunciation.

English lyrics are written by poets or musicians in various genres. They can be arrangements of poems by poets, for example, the same Shakespeare has been sung by English-speaking performers more than once. Songs are written for people of different ages, which means there is an opportunity to get acquainted with literary beauty or more crude youth vocabulary. Listening to and performing the songs is a great way to expand all layers of vocabulary.


There are so many great songs for every mood in the world, just imagine how much fun you can have enriching your English and making your day brighter with some songs. Start improving your knowledge of the English language with Promova and then you will definitely understand the meaning of each song!