Why Use An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Station in Your Workplace

After corona, we all carry a small bottle of hand sanitizers along with us all the time. But the question is- do we use it frequently? Well, the answer is NO. Most of the time, that bottle stays unused in our bags. For any business or firm, their employees are one of their biggest assets. It’s okay if they are a little careless about sanitization. By installing a hand sanitizer dispenser station in your office, you motivate them to sanitize their hand from time to time. 

Here are a few more benefits of using a hand sanitizer dispenser in your workplace: 

1. Reduced Human Contact

The biggest advantage of using hand sanitizer dispensers is that it reduces human contact. The user doesn’t even have to touch the bottle or the station to use the sanitizer. All they need to do is place their hand under the hand sanitizer dispenser station, and the sanitizer will automatically come from the bottle to the hand. When you compare it with a portable or a personal hand sanitizer, the risk of a personal touch or transfer of diseases is much higher. Thus, if you want to keep your employees safe and healthy, this sanitizer station is important in your office.

2. Delivers Standard Dose

Another great advantage of using a hand sanitizer automatic dispenser is that it delivers standard doses. It only offers an adequate amount of sanitizer that is required to properly clean the hands, not more not less. Because of the fixed sanitizer deliveries, there’s a very rare chance of any wastage.

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3. Great Business Impression

It is obvious that other than your employees, your customers will also come to your office. And by using an advanced and attractive designed hand sanitizer dispenser, your business will have a great impression on the customers. Other than impressing your customers, it will also add modern appeal in the places it will install.

4. Best Places To Install A Hand Sanitizer Station

It’s tough to decide the right places to install the hand sanitizer stations. Some say- install it in the most crowded places of your office. Other says- install it only at the doorstep or at the entrance of your office. Who to listen to? Following are the top important places to install these stations- 

5. Doorsteps

It’s important to install a hand sanitizer machine at the entrance of your office. The most common way to enter your office is through the main entrance or the main door. And your employees or workers are more likely to sanitize their hands if the sanitizer station is installed in the entrance. 

6. Outside The Washrooms

You might say that there are enough soaps and cleansers inside the washrooms. But it isn’t enough. Soaps aren’t capable of fully cleaning the bacterias on the hands. For that, you need sanitizers. Installing a hand sanitizer station outside the washrooms is the best way to kill the leftover bacteria. And hence decreasing the chances of your employees getting infected.

Final words

So these are a few benefits of using a hand sanitizer dispenser automatic in your workplace. Make sure you have placed the stations everywhere we have suggested in this article.

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Originally posted 2021-03-05 17:05:17.