You think you can do it all but, you know it’s better to hire professional movers and packers in Al Ain. Yes, spending money on movers when shoving from one place to another seems like an extra expense especially, when you only have a handful of stuff. Plus, there is the added doubt whether the house movers in Al Ain you hire are going to take proper care of your stuff. In short, there are many variables to consider when choosing a moving company. But it’s 2021, the dawn of a new decade, and a pandemic is upon us. 


The way we used to look at packing and moving has drastically changed over the last year. Now, more than thinking about the money that the company is going to charge we think about if it’s safe to hire their services. So, here are a couple of elements that have become the new normal for packers and movers. 


  •  Health test

If you hire an expert moving company, they should now have certificates to guarantee that they are healthy and aloof from any infectious disease, including Covid. Anyone who doesn’t have a doctor-recommended certificate should not be allowed to work. 


  • Distancing and safety equipment 

Employees of moving companies are required to wear all the necessary safety equipment, including gloves and masks before they enter your premises or touch any of your valuables. They are also needed to keep a safe distance from you and conduct the moving activities from as much distance as possible. 


  • Sanitization

Sanitizing themselves is one aspect but sanitizing the valuables is also necessary. House movers in Al Ain take extra precautions when it comes to sanitation and sanitize your valuables both before and after the moving process for maximum safety. 


This was about the moving company. But, you should also take certain steps to make sure your hands are not at risk. These may include:


  • Sanitize yourself and your belongings as much as you can. 
  • Wear a mask and keep social distancing when in the vicinity of the movers. 
  • Make sure the movers are wearing proper safety equipment. 
  • Do not try to help the movers. Keep what you want to carry yourself aside and the mark of verging that’s valuable property so that makers can figure out everything themselves. 
  • Offers food and beverages separately.
  • Discuss the payment options beforehand and try to make the payment cashless to avoid any kind of contact. 

These are some of the many aspects you can follow to maintain the least amount of contact. Once your valuables are shifted and sanitized, wait for the moving company to leave and then start your moving process. Keeping yourself and your family safe is the priority.


There is a tom of moving companies out there but, there are only a few that methodically follow the protocols for safety. Be sure you go with such companies, even if it means paying a little extra. Don’t compromise on the safety measures. 


Originally posted 2021-04-19 19:07:54.

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