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What is a Buick warranty: An Overview

Buick is a renowned vehicle brand under general motors that has provided some of the most trusted and dependable vehicles like Buick Enclave and Envision. Buick offers warranties for its customers who have purchased a new car or have a pre-owned vehicle. These warranties cover mechanical breakdowns and faults from the manufacturer’s end. In this article, we will learn about Buick’s warranty and the items covered by it. We will also take a closer look at Buick’s extended warranty from third parties and how it works.

A standard Buick warranty usually covers the charges of a damaged vehicle for three years or 36,000 miles. But a Buick powertrain warranty is for five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. Many manufacturers offer Buick warranties, but it must be noted that the original factory warranty provided by Buick itself changes a lot. Moreover, car warranties are different for different models and conditions of the vehicles. Before purchasing a Buick warranty, you should know about the items covered by the warranty. Let’s briefly go through the items and systems covered by a standard Buick warranty.

Buick warranty: what is covered under it?

  • Bumper to bumper or new vehicle limited warranty
  • Transportation courtesy program
  • Power train warranty
  • Corrosion coverage warranty
  • Rust-in warranty
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1. Buick bumper to bumper warranty

This exceptional warranty from Buick covers almost all the vehicle parts except tires and normal wear and tear. The main advantage of a bumper-to-bumper or new vehicle limited Buick warranty is that it can be transferred to the next owner on selling time.

2. Buick powertrain warranty

This warranty covers the transmission and powertrain mechanical failures and technical breakdowns. It includes all the inner and lubricated parts of the engine and assembly. Moreover, the powertrain warranty covers the expense of rear and front-wheel drive systems.

3. Corrosion coverage and rust-in warranty

Buick also offers a corrosion coverage warranty under which body sheet metal and other corroded parts of your vehicle are repaired without any additional charges. The rust-in warranty covers the cost of repairing holes caused by rust.

Buick warranty: what is not covered?

Before purchasing a Buick warranty, you have to know about items and systems excluded from the plan. This warranty does not cover the charges for repairing, maintenance, or replacing the entire pressurized fuel system, sensors, wiring, starter motor, radiator, coolant hoes, connectors and heater core, etc.

Should you purchase an extended warranty coverage?

You have to know about Buick extended warranty prices before going for one. An extended warranty coverage comes in handy when the original factory warranty expires. However, an extended warranty provides peace of mind on and off-road. You can freely do things that you love.

An extended warranty covers your vehicle for up to five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. Third-party companies and manufacturers also provide extended warranties for new and high-mileage cars. Extended warranties from such manufacturers are worth considering because you have the option to opt for such contracts not only after purchasing a new vehicle but at any time.

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