Now You Do Not Have to Worry About Stolen Packages!

Have you ever waited for an essential package and missed work just to find out that the box went missing? You might have been there because not many people in New York are strangers to the missed deliveries and package stolen. Even after staying at home and keeping track of the order, situations arise where the order gets misplaced, delivered to the wrong address, or is stolen without any possibility of recovery.  

The rising number of missed deliveries is becoming a big issue for consumers. Many times, it happens that days pass by and the owner does not get his order rightly delivered. There could be several reasons for it that all need a solution.   

The package stolen complaints become a long list, which is not at all good. And to avoid this, what you can do is choose a package storage center near your home which can keep the parcel for you. It is the best option if you are working and there is no one at home to receive the package 24*7.   

Theft of packages and parcels have moved even into the big cities, and people feel insecure even when deliveries are at their doorstep. After staying in their homes for a long time, people have accustomed themselves to online shopping.  

The package storage is a centre or store registered as an authentic service provider to accept your deliveries and keep them safe and secure until you find them. The main reason these are becoming very popular in your area is the increasing rate of stolen packages. Your packages are under monitoring by the individuals present at the store, and there is no chance of a missed package in town.   

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And it is not possible that you only order small items like apparel and clothing from online stores. Sometimes, you also have a delivery of electronics and appliances that cost quite a lot. And them being a missed or stolen package is no less than a heartbreak. So, to avoid missed deliveries, you must book package storage.    

The process of booking a nearby location is also straightforward. You can read further to understand how storage centres, like Stowfly, take bookings and help their customers.   

  • Firstly, you have to go to the website and select your desired location. There are multiple locations of the same store, so you can choose what is convenient for you.  
  • Once you have selected the location, you can choose a one-time delivery or unlimited delivery option. The price will be calculated on that basis.  
  • After selecting the type, you can choose the shipping address that you will enter in your order.  
  • After this is done, the service provider will accept your request and take the responsibility of receiving the delivery of your package and keeping it safe till you take it from them.  

Also, there is better convenience and ease of buying. So, we can not say that people will stop buying from online stores. But what we can assure us is that the package storage solution can reduce the number of stolen packages.   

Because of the problem of package theft, the sellers and buyers both have to suffer losses. But with package storage like Stowlfy, the problem can be solved. Stowfly is located in almost all the places in town.   

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It makes sure that your package will be guaranteed to be delivered to you safely if you choose them. Following are some benefits of using package handling stores that keep your parcel safe and secured until you take them.   

1. Affordability  

The cost of keeping your parcel with Stowfly matters the most. Because people already pay for the product, it is a human tendency that they do not want to spend extra money. But the prices here are much lesser, and their services are worth every penny. They do not let you contribute to the missed or stolen deliveries.  

2. Convenience  

Another excellent feature of Stwolfy is that they are situated at convenient locations. And the best thing is that you can choose where you want your product to be delivered. In this way, neither do you have to walk a lot nor does the service provider keep your parcel for a long time.  

3. Limits of size and type  

Although Stowfly agrees to take all your small parcels, there is a specific policy of their company. They keep packages up to 100lbs, and perishable products and food items are not accepted to be stored at Stowfly locations.  

4. Safety and security

They treat your package as important as it is for you. They make every effort to keep that safe, and with the surveillance of cameras and monitoring by an individual, they deliver your package safely to you.  

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5. Insurance

To make sure your mind is at peace and you do not worry about your package, Stowfly offers an insurance cover of up to 1000 dollars. So, you can sleep peacefully without tension about your deliveries being stolen.  

These service providers work to reduce the number of missed deliveries and package stolen. It is their business, and you can definitely trust them. Some of them also provide insurance covers for your package so that you can be at peace and leave the worry of missing the box behind.   

Having to face the loss of an awaited item is not something that any of us likes. So, when we are given the option to choose safety first, we must take it without an inch of doubt. That is why, if you want to avoid stolen deliveries, you must choose some good package storage service providers in your area.  

We all know the curiosity and excitement with which you await your particular order. And if at the end you get to see that it is lost or has been stolen, you might feel sad. To avoid any mess and chaos and keep a check that you receive the parcel, it is better to get the packages at delivery locations dedicated to working for your parcel’s safety.  

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