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We probably cannot emphasize how the digital world has bloomed and how it caters to all businesses that you can think you can do online. Marketing strategies point out that one crucial factor in maintaining a website is optimization – for your website to take the lead in creating a more positive visitor experience. Those working in the medical industry will be happy to know healthcare web design is taken very seriously nowadays.

iMatrix supports Chiropractic, Eye Care, and Veterinary industries in promoting digital marketing. We also optimize your website to make it easy for your clients to find you in your area, set up more appointments, and witness your investment grow ten times. 

Promote your practice with your optimized web page distinct to your industry. Avoid all the possible challenges that you may encounter in maximizing your website conversions. Here is a list of those difficulties in website optimization and how you can resolve them.

Broken or Unfound Landing Pages

Your website may encounter missing landing pages, which is already a common issue for healthcare pages. This usually involves pages of your practice location or your services. This can put a dent in the growth of your digital business. To avoid this, all healthcare websites should always include the following:

  • A homepage
  • A service page that includes all detailed services, available treatments as well as programs
  • A page with your complete location
  • Blog posts
  • About Us where you can include physicians and medical staff, your company’s mission and vision statement
  • Your contact us information where you include all pertinent contact numbers, emails, or a chat option
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Deficiency In Terms of Site Structure

Be precise in checking your web page organization. Is it easy to navigate? Optimizing your web page searches that are not influenced by ads or organic search always depends on competitive site design. Let us say an Ophthalmology website includes all the information organized, normally separated by buttons or links. This is to make sure the maximum organic searches are achieved.

Too Much Optimization 

The overbearing details can hurt your web page SEO, the same thing with so much lacking information, including too many keywords, more than the allowed links, and more than one H1 tags on a page. These are all examples of over-optimizing your blogs and the entire website. Try your best not to have multiple blog entries with similar topics. Your website’s chance to rank high in Google will not happen if this is the case.

Too Little Optimization 

If there is over-optimization, there is also danger in lacking helpful information on the major topics. These are the floppy part of the website that offers no relevance or help to the target audience.

Once you have set up your website key pages, focus on the building of promoting the major topics and ensure that under each topic is comprehensive content. If you are in the industry of veterinary practice, include blogs, videos, infographic content of posts of related topics that can be readily displayed in your landing pages. This will get the attention of customers to check further the services that can help them. Aiming to only include accurate and helpful content, you can earn the possibility of search engines noticing your website for its relevance and credibility.

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Issues With URL Formation

The keywords included in your URL structure can have a huge impact on your website rankings and offer a pleasant user experience. And having this mindset could just save your entire website’s SEO aims.

  • Simplicity and consistency are keys to making sure your URL address is steady and simple to remember. Either you have a static or dynamic URL type. Static stays the same, no URL shortening. Dynamic URL types has parameters, and they tend to change.
  • Keep an organized URL structure. Do not create any chaos in terms of the URL appearance. Focus on keeping it clean and organized.
  • Do keyword research that will be of great help in your URL structure to get the best results from search engines.
  • Keep a URL structure that can be trusted by everyone. It is much better if you utilize HTTPS in your URL since this indicates safety and has been created to withstand attacks on security.

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