Pros and Cons of Buying Electric Car

Global warming has become a severe problem in the world, with devastating consequences across the globe. Consequently, most organizations and nations take their carbon footprint seriously. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to see automotive experts predict that electric cars will become the critical transport means in the foreseeable future. Additionally, plenty of environmentalists, experts, and manufacturers have dedicated themselves to producing electric cars in the immediate future. 

So what benefits can you accrue from buying and driving an electric car? What disadvantages can you experience? 

Benefits of Purchasing an Electric Car

1. Affordable to maintain. Every electric car needs no fuel as they run on rechargeable batteries, and as a result, the annual costs entailed in recharging the battery prove cheap.  It can save you as much as $632 on average every year just like the proper coursework service can save time for students. Additionally, electric cars have less complex mechanics than their fuel counterparts, which will break down less. 

2. Excellent for the global environment. Vehicles that use fuel contribute significantly to greenhouse gas production in the environment, which contributes to the global phenomenon of climate change. Having an electric car will reduce your carbon footprint, which can contribute significantly to ensuring a better environment on a global scale when lumped up as a whole.

3. Excellent for an individual’s health. Carbon emissions pollute the environment and damage the earth’s inhabitants by compromising their lung health. 

4. Safer. Crash tests reveal that electric vehicles prove more enduring from side impacts compared to gasoline cars. However, they also rank lower than gasoline cars when the impact comes from the front or back.

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5. Technologically advanced. Electric vehicles carry the best type of latest tech that prove pivotal for infotainments and road safety.  

6. Almost non-existent maintenance. Electric cars have almost zero maintenance beyond the wear and battery elements compared to gasoline cars. You do not have to check and change lubricants, filters, liquids, etc.

7. Tax advantages. Plenty of tax advantages exist for electric cars beyond the reduced public parking rates, low energy costs, and almost non-existent maintenance costs. For instance, in specific regions like Barcelona, the registration fee comes free with discounts amounting to 75% on the MTVT.

8. Circulation in specific cities and the utilization of VAO/Bus lane. Some cities opt to restrict the circulation of cars in high pollution periods. However, such restrictions do not involve electric cars, and you can be in luck if you own an electric car in such an instance. 

9. A more relaxed and comfortable drive

10. Electric cars have no noise, and coupled with the absence of the need to change gears constantly; you can rest and drive smoothly.

11. Advantageous conditions of financing. While diverse incentive programs exist for electric cars, the manufacturers also provide compelling financial conditions when buying an electric vehicle.


  • The electric car requires a major infrastructural setup, especially regarding the charging ports. It comes as something that can hinder its global rollout. 


The world today proves awash with various ills such as air pollution and climate change challenges; it becomes essential, therefore, to come up with measures to curb such impacts to the ecosystem, and buying an electric car can become an excellent start. 

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