Road Risks for Motorcycle Riders

For adrenaline lovers, riding a motorcycle is very exciting. However, despite all the fun that comes from it, it is more dangerous than driving a car. This is because motorcycles are more exposed to different kinds of dangers that aren’t met by car drivers and other similar motorists.

From the debris on the road to heavy winds and railroad crossings, there are lots of potential risks that come from riding a motorcycle. Ways to protect yourself from getting involved in a severe motorcycle crash include being extremely cautious of the surroundings and following the federal and state laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues.

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In the meantime, take a look at the most common road risks for motorcycle riders and what safety precautions you can take to prevent a crash.

Rough roadways

One of the most common road hazards for motorcycles is rough roads. These include bumpy roads, either from disrepair, construction work, or resurfacing efforts that can cause the motorcycle rider to lose balance and fall.

For example, the worst road obstacle for motorcycles is gravel especially if it is encountered during cornering. This loose aggregation of rock fragments can cause your wheels to lose traction which can then make your bike slide out from under you. To avoid them from happening, you should be mindful of the speed and have the proper skills on how to ride a bike in such conditions.

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Edge breaks and expansion joints

Other great road risks for motorcycle riders include edge breaks and expansion joints. These hazards also occur on the roads and can be quite challenging especially when traveling at high speeds.

For example, edge breaks occur when two lanes are at different heights. In this case, riders should slow down and pass them at a lower speed to avoid any potential injuries.

As for expansion joints, they can create large gaps in the road that can catch a motorcycle wheel in which case riders should try to keep their wheels in a straight line until the bike is over the joint.

Wet surfaces

A major difference between motorcycles and cars is that the latter is more stable especially if it is going on a slippery or wet surface. Since motorcycles are two-wheel vehicles, the risk of hydroplaning is much higher and that can lead to serious road accidents with severe consequences.

In general, hydroplaning occurs when light rain mixes with oil residue on the roadway and this then causes the bike to grip and the rider to fall down. In order to avoid such an incident, you should break gradually with caution and slowly speed up to help balance the bike especially if you are taking a turn. 

Debris, objects, or animals on the road

Roadway debris can include anything from leaves and tree branches to pieces of tires and rocks that pose as obstacles for motorcycle riders. Not only can they cause an accident, but the objects can easily and seriously harm both the bike and rider. They can be best avoided by maneuvering around the debris safely without abruptly braking or accelerating to go around them.

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The same rule applies if you see animals such as dogs, possums, or squirrels on the road. In such cases, you should also reduce speed and get around it with caution in order to avoid hurting them and yourself.

Basic safety precautions to follow

Besides the safety tips mentioned above, there are other measures you should take to protect yourself when riding a motorcycle and avoid the occurrence of accidents:

  • Always wear the right gear
  • Invest in anti-lock brakes
  • Be aware of the surroundings
  • Avoid adverse weather conditions
  • Hone your skills

Taking into account all of these things can prepare you for all kinds of road hazards and make your motorcycle riding experience much better and more enjoyable.

Final thoughts

Although riding a motorcycle can be lots of fun, it is still advised that riders are being extra careful on the road. This way they will prevent the occurrence of various severe accidents and injuries that may come along if riding recklessly. No matter if you have just become a motorcycle rider or you have been doing it for a while, be sure to follow the basic safety precautions and always stay safe