Banned from Facebook_ Personal and Business Account Restoration Tips

Business or personal accounts have Facebook restriction permanently. And the reasons for a such Facebook ban range from justifiable to totally obscene. You could wake up tomorrow and find that your personal or business account on Facebook has been disabled, permanently. 

Even if it’s difficult to overturn a ban on Facebook accounts, it’s not entirely undoable. In this article, we’ll look at what you can do if your Facebook account gets banned. Information this post provides could prove pivotal to getting your personal and business account online again.

What Can Get Your Facebook Account Banned?

Several reasons could lead to an account getting a ban on Facebook. Here’s a list of some of the most common reasons why a Facebook account can get disabled:

  • Posting sexually explicit material
  • Selling illegal products through your business account
  • Posting inflammatory text, audio, graphics, images, or videos
  • Using poor grammar or punctuation in posting ad content
  • Circumventing Facebook’s policies when initiating a subscription-based service
  • Using restricted keywords to post content
  • Making use of too many capital letters in posted content
  • Not following the Facebook 20% rule (ad content with images must not have more than 20% in text)
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Many other policies exist that might get an account a ban. Check out Facebook’s full version of content policies to avoid getting banned. 

What You Can Do If Your Personal or Business Account Gets Banned

File an appeal

Filing an immediate appeal to get restrictions off your account is the smartest way to go. If you’ve got a strong case, your account might get activated again. However, if you break any of Facebook’s rules, even if it’s just for once, any restriction might never get lifted. 

It’s worth noting that Facebook has one of the slowest responses to appeals across social media sites. Your appeal for a personal or business account restoration may be left unattended for weeks or months. So, it’s always smart to use some smart tips to ensure your account never gets disable.

Register a new business account

Registering a new FB business account with your old information is most likely to get you another ban. And in most cases, banned ad accounts cannot create new profiles on Business Manager.

But that shouldn’t mean the end of your marketing effort on Facebook. 

Asking a friend or colleague to create a business account using their information is the best way to keep your ads running. Your friend or colleague can create an account and allow you admin permissions. However, if you make the same mistakes that got your account banned, your new ad account might get disabled.

How to Avoid a Personal Account Ban on Facebook

Don’t send nudes

Nude photos are a colossal no-no when it comes to protecting your personal account from a ban. Some people have been known to send direct messages containing nude content and receive permanent bans in return. 

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Do not promote violence 

Promoting violence has never been so easy because of social media. Many individuals or groups with particular interests have used social media to achieve their goals through violent means. But that’s very much in the past.

Facebook has an almost airtight system to check accounts that promote violent behavior in their posted content. Such accounts get permanent bans and might never get re-activated, even with countless appeals. 

Avoid spreading false information or hate speech

In the era of fake news, little scraps of information could prove misleading or deadly.

Facebook has very stringent penalties to deal with accounts that spread false information or hate speech. In recent times, even presidents have had to deal with Facebook’s wrath. For instance, the president of Nigeria got his genocidal FB post taken down, while Donald Trump got a ban. 

So, if presidents can get banned or have their posts taken down on Facebook, individuals and businesses aren’t safe too.

How to Avoid a Business Account Ban on Facebook

Don’t use old credit information 

Avoid using credit information linked to a banned personal or business account, as Facebook could close the new page. Endeavor to get fresh credit information to open the business account to avoid sudden closure. 

Promote safe content throughout your posts

All content posted through your business account should be within Facebook’s laid-down rules. Some ad accounts have been de-activated for using the wrong keywords, even if the content isn’t overly harmful. When you can post relevant, ‘safe’ content Facebook wants, your account will never get a ban.

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Seek to promote optimized landing pages

Facebook used to be a purely interactive social media platform. But today, Facebook cares more about ad revenue than anything else. If your ads cannot generate much leads over an extended time, your account might be served a ban. However, this is most unlikely to happen if you’re prompt with payments for all your posted ads. 

Just make sure your landing pages are optimized to convert visitors to boost your chances of avoiding a ban. 

Don’t post many ads from the start

Apart from being tough on violent or unsafe content, Facebook has stringent policies against spammers. When you post too much ad content as your business page comes online, Facebook might view it as spam. 

Ensure you post ads that are relevant to your business within a defined timeframe. The number of ads you need to post per time should depend on your chosen niche. 


Getting banned from Facebook could be very painful and can limit business opportunities. Endeavor to keep your account within Facebook’s policies at all times. When you can follow all the rules, there’s no chance of being served a Facebook ban. 

And with the tips above, you can get another business account running if your old one got restricted. Keeping your business on Facebook should be your main focus, so avoid breaking any rules this time. 


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