Picuki: A Complete Guide With Top 22 Alternatives of Picuki!!!

Picuki is a viewer and editor website. It allows you to see Instagram profiles as an anonymous. Moreover, you can download practically all Instagram photos without the need for a login.

This is a beneficial platform since you are not limited to surfing only a single type of information. Rather you are free to do whatever interests you. You don’t have to make a Picuki account, so your login information is safe and secure! You may also use Picuki and like platforms to see and comment on Instagram images with the hashtag ‘Picuki’ or ‘Pocuki‘.

Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular social networking website. This is an unsurprising platform to help you to promote your art, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. These types of websites assist business processes and users in enhancing their connection with others and building a lasting user base.

Picuki is a noun that consigns to a cluster of individuals who have a familiar interest. Similar sites like Picuki is a service that lets you store all of your Instagram photos and videos on your device. The best part of using this type of platform is that downloading an image from a certain Instagram ID does not need you to register. Just after entering the account ID of the wished photo, you’ll be able to see all of the IG account’s photos that are publicly posted.

Top 22 Alternatives to Picuki to find Instagram profiles

There are numerous options available in the technology to access Instagram stories. Here is the list of the top 22 such sites.

1. Inflact

Website:- http://inflact.com/


In fact, is a site that stands out as a free Instagram viewer app. It is a similar site to Picuki to view Instagram stories. It is also Instagrams’ photo downloader. To access Instagram using Inflact simply type the profile name in the search field to see all lively places of interest and stories. The best thing is that it interacts automatically with customers and manages them. You can access any public Instagram account without logging in. This site attracts users to build a loyal community with:

  • Smart targeting
  • Growth analytics
  • Profile analyzer
  • Influencer search

2.  SmiHub 

Website:- https://smihub.info/

SmiHub is another similar site like Picuki that act as a viewer and analyser for Instagram reels, stories and photos. Its algorithm permits consumers to inspect the Instagram data of your company or another brand. Without having an Instagram account, you may browse and check Instagram posts anonymously.

3. StoriesDown

Website:- https://storiesdown.com/

It is a free online app that lets you input Picuki alternatives with any Instagram username.  It is assistance for users to recover info on that account’s recent posts. One can also view stories on Instagram. Like other similar sites, this also works on public Instagram accounts. Thus, you won’t be able to see the posts and stories if a specific profile is set to private.

It can be proved as a great marketing platform if you know the right way to showcase your business. Stories down is a similar site to Picuki that allows you to be unknown that is nobody will come to know that you are watching their posts and stories.

4. Gramhir

Website:- https://gramhir.com/

The methodology of this platform allows you to see the statistics of your own or another person’s Instagram account. You can:

  • Analyze your account

Their algorithm allows you to analyze your Instagram story stats and compare them with other accounts.

  • Predict likes and followers

This site also gives you the leeway to predict how many likes and comments you can expect on your fresh uploaded posts.

  • Browse anonymously

The best thing is you can browse your or any other’s Instagram profiles, hashtags, posts, followers, stories and locations secretly and in a new and better way.

You will also get the account rate, which indicates how popular an Instagram account may be seen. Moreover, when you visit Gramhir’s website, data on high-flying Instagram profiles appear right away.

5. InstaXYZ

Website:- https://instaxyz.com/

InstaXYZ is a free viewer platform to see Instagram posts of other users. It is a similar site to Picuki rather more quick, safe, and easy to use. After opening the link of InstaXYZ you will get a search bar to type a hashtag or specific user name. It allows you to look at all Instagram accounts and hashtags, all media, comments, and statistics as well. On the homepage of the platform, you will also get the name and profile names of popular users using this application. You’ll see a list of prominent Instagram tags and users. This feature of the site cuts down on the amount of time you spend deciding which account on Instagram to watch or consider.

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6. Fullinsta.photo

Website:- https://fullinsta.photo/

This is another amazing method to see Instagram profiles, videos, or images online. Fullinsta is a platform that permits you to browse Instagram as a guest, allowing you to peruse and enjoy a large portion of the platform.

That is for sure, that everyone enjoys browsing Instagram, especially youngsters. Though most Instagram lovers are aware that you can see a full-size photo on Instagram using the likes of InstaDP. But, now the criteria have changed and very few are aware of that. With the help of various online platforms now you can use Instagram without an account. It does not matter whether you consider yourself to be a full-blown intruder online, or you merely get pleasure from browsing different profiles every once in a while.

It is a lot easier to browse Instagram without an account with the backing of numerous similar sites like Picuki. With this alternative, you can browse Instagram without login and be devoid of going to the dilemma of creating a separate Insta stalker outline. Fullinsta. photo is a web-based Instagram profile viewer that shows viewers their specific material using the Instagram API.

7. IGLookup

Website:- https://www.iglookup.com/

If you want to see secret Instagram photos of any Instagram account without making a request, a better option is to use IGLookup. With the use of this platform, you may confidentially check on others’ photo updates as an anonymous. The site gives you the guarantee that their provision is legal, safe, and most decisively, simple to use. There is no need to install any other programme along with this platform to perform desired activities.

Instagram is considered to be a very well-organized social media in which you can generate a profile. You can also have an option to limit the people visiting your profile and other related information. You can also permit certain people to access your profile’s photos, videos, and stories.

But sometimes you necessitate knowing the bustle going all around the person who is very near and dear to you. You want to get an idea of their life through the photos and videos without following them. If the person doesn’t recognise you with your profile name or photo maybe they decline your request. Still, if you are interested in the photos and videos of him or her but you can’t see them just because their account is set private on Instagram. Then GLookup.com which is a similar site to Picuki and is the most excellent selection in such situation.

8. Watchinsta

Website:- https://watchinsta.com/

It is another viewer for Instagram profiles with its software-integrated website. , Watchinsta You can watch IG accounts, both private and public, and also may be seen for free on any device or operating system. This platform permits you to:

  • View private photos of almost everyone on Instagram.
  • Browse any public or private media.
  • You can also export photos, videos and stories in a .zip file to your device.
  • Recuperate files and messages on Instagram.
  • View any Instagram profile without logging in with your account!
  • Automatic check for new updates on the platform.
  • Regularly tested and improved similar sites like Picuki.
  • Get the proxy support that is undetectable and safe.

9. InstaDP

Website:- https://www.instadp.com/

InstaDP is a free web-based platform that does more than just look at Instagram profiles and stories. It is also a:

  • Profile picture downloader- Instagram allows users to post all sorts of exciting content that helps you to zoom in on posts. When it comes to the user’s profile picture on Instagram, nobody can zoom in or download it. With the InstaDP site not only you can view the profile picture but also can save it to your device with its original quality. This downloader is completely free and the only requirement is to enter the account’s username for this magic to happen.
  • Instagram reels downloader- If you find a funny, revealing or inspiring video on any account of Instagram that you want to share with your friends outside of this social network. You can find it impossible since InstaDP won’t let you save the videos immediately to your device. This tool allows you anonymously save any reel video in high quality to your smartphone.
  • Instagram stories and photos downloader- In case you’re an avid Instagram user, you already know that Instagram stories are controlled for about fifteen seconds before moving to the next story. They aim to capture the viewer’s attention and make him addicted to watching complete hilarious, and entertaining stories. Moreover, stories also expire within 24 hours. So, it is the wish of everyone to save the interesting stories on their device.  Now you can make it possible using our InstaDP website. Furthermore, with this similar site like Picuki, you can save any Insta photo on your phone with the original picture quality.
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10. Pixwox

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/pixwox/

Pixwox online platform makes it simple to download and watch Instagram posts and reels you like. It permits you with selected a username in your style in addition to Instagram viewers examining it. Despite exploring your desired username, Pixwox enables you to download or view posts in your way.

Users can download both private and public accounts without difficulty and view them offline afterwards. Some of its supported and popular hashtags include girl, life, sports, happy, beautiful, love, fashion, art, food, travel and others that you can look at in your means. Features of the platform include:

  • Online view to any of the Insta profiles
  • Instagram stories IG downloader
  • Best Insta viewer and stalker to tag posts
  • Free and confidential Instagram profile downloader

11. Hoverwatch

Website:- https://www.hoverwatch.net/

Hoverwatch has been the go-to cell phone tracking app for a long period. Although it is compatible with a few social similar sites like Picuki, it has since developed significantly to check someone’s Instagram page, including their chats. Its features include:

  • It remains completely invisible. It is also used by a few parents to track their child’s daily activity on phone. This parental control app gets the most accurate information while remaining untraceable by the user of the monitored Android device.
  • Record every single text message and call as well. Moreover, using this app you’re able to track the images included in the MMS messages and view them from your account.
  • This also provides a geolocation feature, this GPS mobile tracker helps you determine and view the location of the target device from your account.

12. izoomYou

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/izoomyou/

If you are seeking a tool to help you expand your Instagram profile photographs then you are at the right place. izoom You make it simple to browse and magnify people’s profiles on Instagram. This HD app lets you watch, save, or download Insta profile pics in high quality. You can’t be able to see profiles from any private account but handle getting multimedia from public accounts.  Various features of the website are:

  • Enlarge Instagram profile pics with ensuring anonymity
  • IG posts, stories and highlights downloader
  • Public IG profile downloader

13. InstaStories

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/instastories/

InstaStories provides unidentified IG browsing and screening from the users you want to see. On this browser, all you need to do is to enter the needed username in the search bar and click over the search icon to get the desired results. You can simply enter the intended Insta username in the search bar and let the platform does the rest for you. Enjoy watching instant access to all of your favourite material whenever you want.

  • 100% anonymous Instagram story viewer
  • Access only public profiles
  • Watch and download IGTV in your desired language

14. Instalkr

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/instalkr/

When it comes to watching or downloading tales on Instagram, Instalkr is an app that allows you to access people’s stories you choose anonymously. You can’t download everything, but you can look at anything without alerting others.  Its main feature is to permit you to easily track down your stalker and check who has visited your Instagram story profiles. Despite viewing only Instagram stories, you can see all the inactive followers and follow them right away using Instalkr.  This similar site like Picuki also assists you:

  • To notice your false followers on Instagram.
  • Discover users who viewed your IG account
  • Find blocked accounts and find who blocked your account
  • Track your fans and followers who stalked your profile

15. Fastsave

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/fastsave/

Fastsave allows its global customers to walk around and download videos and photos from their looked-for Instagram users.  The best thing is that you need not spend money on this. This platform allows you to repost photos and videos for tracking down the Instagram IDs of individuals. It is a fast and easy-to-use app that brings ample practical features for everyone who loves Instagram. You can also hide your download images and videos to view them through slideshows.

  • Easy browsing and provides total security
  • Save multiple photos and videos at one time
  • The fast downloading speed with a beautiful dashboard
  • Amazing photo views and an option to repost, share and delete photos or videos
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16. Storiesgrams

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/storiesgrams/

Another amazing similar site like Picuki makes it super easy to explore and download content from Instagram. It is an excellent tool through which you can not only watch but also download stories, IGTV, posts, reels, and other media without even edifying your individuality.

It consists of a sleek download button that you can get underneath every post to download with a single tap. Its extreme level of anonymity helps users in doing their wanted things under intense security. You can also move the level of your stalker up just by using this platform without having an Instagram account.

17. Storysaver

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/storysaver-net/

It is a sleek tool for you if you want to download stories of people on Instagram. It also helps you become a pro-level stalker without even leaving any marks behind. You can view and download stories of public accounts hastily on Instagram and enjoy things spontaneously.

Downloading anything is a simple process, just enter the user name and click over the download button. Then select the current story and the highlights from the page. You can simply get your looked-for media. Save it on your device to watch later. Features of story saver are:

  • Download Instagram IG videos and stories
  • Download Instagram content on iPhone as well as on Android

18. Instasaved

Website:- https://www.justalternativeto.com/instasaved/

Instasaved is among the top Instagram downloader platforms that aid you download your desired things from Instagram in a minute. It is one of the ideal similar sites like Picuki that does not need any login or personal requirements for watching and downloading Insta stories and videos. You can simply come to the site and start downloading your desired stuff from your needed account on the social networking site Instagram.

It is an imperative photo-sharing site in the world that helps you download media instantaneously. It is a user-friendly, ultimate and easy-to-navigate proposal that lets you get media downloaded in three steps. It has specific features like:

  • It can download all types of videos
  • Speed is 3x faster than any other platform
  • Secure your identity during viewing and downloading Insta content

19. Barinsta

Website:- https://f-droid.org/en/packages/me.austinhuang.instagrabber/

It is not a simple Insta story downloader, but rather a well-designed Instagram client. It’s very simple to use, with no invasive advertisements, moreover, you don’t need an Instagram account to use it. Barinsta is a striking client that permits you to browse and interrelate with Instagram while giving you more alternatives to control your content. Certain merits of the platform are:

  • Prevents irrational decisions
  • Allows customization
  • Allows viewing and downloading at your own pace
  • Free and open-source software

20. Save Instagram

Website:- https://www.save-insta.com/

It is the best Instagram online downloader, that can be used to download Instagram videos and photographs in high-quality mp4. You can download Instagram stories and highlights, as well as profile pictures from private Instagram. Just copy the link of the video or the image, and paste it into the box at the site. In the final step, save it to your device whether it is Android, iPhone, or PC.

It is a free, anonymous, safe and secure downloader to assist you. You can watch Instagram stories or highlights secretly without logging in and devoid of knowing anyone, from our It will allow you to watch Instagram stories and highlights for no cost at all.

21. Glassagram

Website:- https://glassagram.com/

It is an online software for every Instagram viewer to look through any account. This is one of the best similar sites like Picuki which provides all the necessary information about the profile. Usage of this service will lead to prominent results. You’ll get full admittance to the account from inside. And you can keep an eye on whatever you require. The service is a safe and secure Instagram story viewer. Its features are:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Real-time updates
  • Reasonable price for customers

22. StoriesIG

Website:- htpps://www.justalternativeto.com/storiesig/

This platform assists global users to browse and download videos or photos from their intended IG users without paying for anything. It is an excellent tool for you if you want to view stories and stalk statuses of people for the sake of fun. You need not have an Instagram account, all you need to do is to enter your littered Instagram username, click over the view button and after loading the video, you can watch them anonymously. Features of StoriesIG are as follows:

  • Watch and download Instagram IG stories anonymously
  • Helps to download high-quality Instagram content

23. Iganony

Official website: https://iganony.com/

Iganony is an alternative to Picuki, a popular Instagram story viewer that was shut down in 2020. With Iganony, users can view Instagram stories anonymously without logging into their accounts. Iganony also offers additional features such as downloading stories and creating story collages. However, it’s important to note that using third-party apps like Iganony may violate Instagram’s terms of service and potentially lead to account suspension.


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