Spectrum Select Package

Service providers play an important role in our lives. They are the real superheroes as they help us connect better with the world outside. Be it TV, phone, or internet, we are always looking for a service provider that offers us affordable deals, a good package that covers all three of our basic home services, and exceptional customer service that is there to help us out when we face an issue with the service.

One name that comes to our mind when talking about all of the things mentioned above is Spectrum. It’s one of the largest service providers in the United States and covers more than 40 states.  One of the reasons why it’s ranked among the best providers in the plans and packages that are being offered to its customers. There are multiple packages and they all vary according to the speed of the internet, channel lineup, and prices, etc.

If you are planning to get a package that covers your TV, phone, and Internet service in an affordable price range then Spectrum Select package triple play is the one for you. We are going to list down all the perks that you can enjoy with the Select package and give you reasons why you should go for it:

Wide channel range

A wide channel range is the most prominent highlight of this package. Different family members have different preferences when it comes to watching TV. Some might want to watch news channels, while others love watching live sports. Kids want to have their cartoon channels and kids’ shows on air all the time and Spectrum TV has it all covered for you. You can enjoy more than 125 channels with their Select package so your TV experience is top-notch and you do not miss out on anything new and happening.

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Free HD programming

While some services charge you extra money to provide you with HD programming, It’s not the case when you get connected to Spectrum. All of the packages by Spectrum offer Free HD programming, including the Select package. So you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies with the best picture quality.

Amazing internet speeds

Internet speed is something nobody is ready to compromise on. And why should we when the majority of our entertainment and work relies on it? The Spectrum Select double-play and triple-play packages offer speeds up to 200 Mbps so you can web-browse, use your social media and streaming sites without being held back. 

Shows on demand

Another big advantage that comes with the Select package is that it allows you to watch thousands of TV shows and movie titles on-demand. In case you find nothing interesting on TV you can get shows and movies played of your choice.

TV on the go with the Spectrum TV app

Spectrum has a TV app that makes watching TV so much easier. All Spectrum TV plans including the Select package allow you to watch your TV shows and channels through the Spectrum TV app so you do not have to stick around your TV and can experience it even on the go.

No data caps

Nobody likes data restrictions. We all prefer having a service that offers us unlimited data allowance so we do not have to worry about running out of data during web surfing. And this is exactly what you get if you go for Spectrum double-play or triple-play Select. Both the packages from Spectrum offer unlimited data and free access to Spectrum out-of-home WiFi when you are out and about, making it a winning situation overall.


Internet modem free of cost

Who doesn’t like free stuff? We all do of course. Free things from any of the services are what attracts us to go for that very service. Having said that, let us tell you that you do not have to pay for an internet modem separately if you are getting the Select package from Spectrum. Both the double and triple play Select package includes a Free internet modem for all of their customers, making it a more desirable offer to opt for.

Multiple calling features

There is nothing better than having a package that not only provides the best TV offers and internet speeds but also great calling features too. The Select package makes sure that you remain connected to your loved ones with unlimited calling in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and many other territories with the triple play Select package, and apart from that the package also includes up to 28 calling features.

No agreements required

Having a service that does not require you to sign up for any long-term contract is a blessing. Contracts and agreements bind you to use that service even when you do not want it anymore. And Spectrum is a prominent name when it comes to no-contract policy. All the packages offered by Spectrum service require no annual contracts or any long-term agreements making it very convenient for their customers to sign up for.

Wrapping it up:

Having a good package that meets the needs of all your TV, phone, and internet services can be hard to find. Even if you come across a package like that, chances are it might be very expensive. Spectrum Select Package comes with a lot of benefits that are mentioned above so feel free to consider it as a choice for your home and you will not be disappointed by it.

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