How To Make Your Wedding The Most Talked About

Your wedding is an event which you would want to remember all through your life. Don’t you also wish that the event happens so beautifully that everybody would talk about it? Your answer would be yes since that is what a dream wedding is all about. 

But dreams get fulfilled only when we do something about it. Here are some tips from our side to help you make your wedding the most talked about.

Personalize the event

Your guests go to many weddings every year. For them to remember yours, you have to offer them something unique. Personalize your event and include all your dreams when you create the wedding plan. Choose a stationery card where you mention all the details of the event along with any instructions for the guests. 

You can add more information to this card, and if you want, you can write down your love story in poetic form. Your guests will love the feel of the card and will go back to it even after the event is over.

Venue décor 

An event looks beautiful only if the décor is top class. A seating plan is the first thing that you can write down. Make sure you place the people who have similar interests together, so they have something to talk about. 

Pick up a flower arrangement that is classy and adds to the glamor. You can look online with details like Supernova wedding decor Glasgow to get more fresh ideas. 

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Signature cocktails

A signature cocktail marks your unique presence. Just ask your drinks organizer to prepare one or two customized drinks to serve the guests. By doing that, you can save the costs of having an entire bar plus, it adds a personalized touch that makes your guests feel special too. 

You and your partner can pick a drink each. Ensure that all will like the drink you choose and nobody gets offended.

Prepare a lounge area

At a wedding, you get guests of all ages. Not all of them would be fine with dancing all night. For such people, you can prepare a separate lounge area. This portion should have all the basic facilities that anyone may need. 

Some comfy chairs, blankets, and easy snacking options will make the place relaxing enough. You can also arrange a massage service to cater to the guests during that time.

Play wedding games 

How about adding some games to the fun quotient? You can devise your wedding games or go for the traditional party ones. But remember you will need someone to organize these games for you. Options like Jenga, backgammon, and bocce ball are also great ideas.


A wedding is an event where lifetime memories are made. Instead of making it tedious and drab, add these elements to increase the excitement. Though these are just small tips, they make a vast difference when it comes to impressing the guests. 

Revel in the beauty and fun element of the day, so you and your guests think about it again and again.

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