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Emails are still one of the professional and personal ways people get in touch with each other. Communicating through emails has taken various forms, from business-to-business conversations to prospects for interviews, sales leads, and target marketing. Emails have been one of the oldest and most reliable tools used in the arsenal of recruiters and marketers over the years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon.

Statista estimates by 2025, the world would have sent and received 376.4 billion emails. Following this trend, we are sure emails will still be significant in the foreseeable future. And with this in mind, we look at six email finders that can help you get ahead.


SignalHire is a contact finder that excels at finding the correct email address and phone number of a prospect. You can search for any contacts with their name and use keywords like the job titles, company name, or location to narrow down your search results. This feature also allows you to import up to 1000 contacts at a go, taking away the strain and stress of inputting one after the other. 

You don’t need to visit the website to find contact information because SignalHire also has a Chrome extension. SignalHire’s impressive 95% accuracy rate and hit rate of 85% also gives you the confidence you need while exporting those contacts. And for the developers among you, SignalHire also offers its API. If you prefer using the backend, then this is for you. Having this extension means you can get contact information from sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup, and GitHub with the press of a button.

SignalHire gives five free contact credits every month and has a default price of $39 a month (If you pay annually) and $49 a month if paid monthly. The good news about their pricing is they are customizable. This option allows them to tailor the subscription to your peculiar need.


EmailCrawlr uses JSON API to get important information from a domain or an email address. It can fish out multiple email addresses associated with a website. But much more fascinating is it can also pull out relevant information from an email address, such as the full name of the person, job title, social media handle, phone number, and home address.

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Typically anything it can find on the person online. After getting this information, it gives a confidence score on the information it brings out, scoring it between 0.0-1.0.

EmailCrawlr also verifies the deliverability of the emails by scoring the email addresses on a priority scale. 

EmailCrawlr allows for 200 calls for free per month. It charges $16 for 1000 calls per month, $40 for 5000 calls per month, $65 for 10,000 calls per month and $208 for 40,000 calls per month. EmailCrawlr only charges you for successful calls.


Wiza is a google chrome extension that works seamlessly with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Wiza allows you to export hundreds of contact information at once with its Wiza extension icon. You can export contact information by going to the search option, setting your preferred parameters, and exporting the contacts LinkedIn Sales Navigator finds with the Wiza icon button. It also exports up to 2,500 contacts at once.

To get valid contact information, Wiza scrapes the email in real-time, ensuring they are up-to-date. And like most email finders, Wiza also verifies its email with its built-in verification software. The Google Chrome extension can scrape personal info about the persons like gender, age, education, etc.

Wiza offers two large payment plans. The Prospect and the Enrich.

The difference between the Prospect and Enrich options is in the data they provide. Prospect gives the name, email address (Both personal and work), and phone number, while Enrich adds phone numbers and social media URLs.

Under each payment plan, there are three options. Both Prospect and Enrich give a free version called flex. Flex offers twenty free credits with no subscription, and for any other successful export, Wiza charges $0.15 for Prospect and $0.40 for Enrich. The remaining options on both plans vary in price, ranging from $50 for the starter pack to $150 for the growth pack.


Minelead is an email finder that can get email contacts from any domain. You go to the Minelead site and enter the website you want to get the email addresses from, and then Minelead works its magic. But you don’t have to always go to the Minelead website because you can also download its browser extension from its website. 

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The browser extension, which works with both Google and Firefox, sources and pulls out the email address from any domain by clicking the browser icon. Minelead also verifies its emails to make sure they are accurate and don’t bounce back. A neat feature is Minelead allows you to create a subcategory for the emails. 

By clicking on the favorite button, you can organize your Minelead panel page to have different subcategories of leads. For example, you separate them into industry or likelihood of responding. You can conveniently export this from the Minelead panel to your document of choice.

Minelead gives free 100 searches but limited results and no bulk search. It offers two plans, called the Pro and Business. The Pro plan gives 5000 searches, Unlimited results, and 60 bulk searches, which all come to $15 per month if paid annually and $19 if paid monthly. The Business plan offers unlimited searches (including bulk) and results for $99 if paid monthly and $85 (if paid) annually.


SellHack is an email finder tool that allows you to build a customizable email list for ease of tracking prospects. SellHack integrates well with Salesforce, and that’s because they designed the email finder with marketing teams in mind. It can carry out bulk verification and quickly verify the email address of incomplete files, using the first name, last name, and company name. SellHack also validates existing emails already on files to improve deliverability. But the standout feature of this email finder is its 14-step email verification process, which allows for a zero bounce rate. SellHack offers ten credits for free per month. It also offers paid plans which include Lite, Basic, Starter, and Pro. The lite plan offers 100 emails per month for $5 per month. The Basic offers 350emails for $19, while the Starter charges $49 for 1,000 emails per month. The Pro plan will set you back by $99 and offers 2,500 emails.

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ContactOut is a chrome extension that brings out people’s contact details. Its extension is convenient when browsing through platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub. Because with the click of its icon, you can get the contact details of anyone on those platforms. ContactOut has a 99% accuracy rate because of its increasing database that houses over a billion contact details from all over the internet.

Its AI system accurately matches contact details to the person who owns them. The ContactOut has an inbuilt panel in which you can search for contact details based on the name, location, job title, skill, or company of the person. Its templates allow you to send emails quickly to people and work with Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook.

ContactOut doesn’t offer a free version, but it has three plan options. They are Basic, Sales, and Recruiter. The Basic gives you access to 50% of their database, 100 contacts and works only with standard LinkedIn for $49 per month. The Sales gives you access to 75% of their database, 200 email contacts and works with LinkedIn sales navigator and Recruiter lite for $99 per month. And the Recruiter plan permits you to 100% of its database, 400 email contacts, and access to all modes of LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, email finders are instrumental for any business. They save you the stress of manually looking for an email address and help you verify which ones are still working and which ones don’t work any longer. Most sync well with existing CRM systems and can seamlessly integrate into your natural workflow. We hope this list has offered you choices from which to pick your email finder.


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