Car Accident Claim

After a car accident, knowing what to do next can make a huge difference in the potential outcome of the case and how much compensation the victim is able to receive. Those who are injured in a car accident will want to start by talking to a lawyer about their case. From there, the lawyer will help the victim with each step to make sure they are able to receive sufficient compensation for all injuries and other damages. 

Talk to a Lawyer About the Case

Before filing a car accident claim, take the time to speak with a lawyer about the case. The lawyer has handled similar cases in the past and knows how to help their client get a bigger settlement to make sure it covers all expenses related to the accident. The lawyer can also provide advice for moving forward, help the victim make sure they don’t say the wrong thing when contacting the insurance company and help the victim with all of the paperwork and deadlines involved in this type of claim.  

Gather Any Evidence

The victim will want to work with their lawyer to gather all evidence related to the case. The victim can help by providing the lawyer with any photos or videos they may have of the accident, witness information, the police report, and more. The victim will also want to provide copies of any medical bills or other expenses related to the accident. The lawyer can help by looking into security footage that may show what happened or other types of evidence the victim cannot obtain easily on their own. 

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Determine Compensation Required

The next step is to determine how much compensation the victim should receive from the accident. This includes quantifiable damages such as medical expenses, car repair bills or vehicle replacement costs if the car was totaled, lost wages, and more. It can also include non-quantifiable damages such as the loss of enjoyment of life for permanent injuries or punitive damages if the at-fault driver has caused similar accidents in the past. The lawyer can help explain the types of damages that can be requested as well as the total amount of compensation the victim can request. 

Negotiate a Higher Settlement

The insurance company will not likely offer a full settlement from the beginning. It’s going to be far below the amount of compensation the victim will be entitled to, so the next step in negotiations. It is a good idea to let the lawyer handle these, as they know exactly what to ask for and can make sure the victim receives as much money as possible from the settlement. If the negotiations aren’t successful, the case can go to court, but only a small percent of these types of legal cases end up going to trial.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by another driver, now is the time to find a lawyer to help file a claim and obtain compensation for your injuries. You may be able to receive more money than you realized and make sure all accident-related expenses are covered. Talk to a lawyer now to learn more about your case and what the next steps for you should be to obtain the full amount of compensation you need. 

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