Magnify Your Firm’s Efficiency with Employee Intranet Software!

Digitization has structurally changed the flow of businesses. Employees are no longer bound to fixed office schedules or restrictive one-way communication from management to employees. Firms are looking around for innovative methods to keep their employees informed and engaged virtually. The advancement in technology has introduced dynamic tools like intranet software that acts as a central meeting place for the entire organization.

An intranet is a private and secure communication network within an organization accessible by its members. Employee Intranet allows everyone in the firm to connect, collaborate, and share information with people internal to the company. It does not allow public access to any resources. Employees can also access the company’s resources and tools as well on intranets. Intranet requires a heavy IT lift to launch and maintain. Small or large organizations require a digital workplace hub for their employees to communicate efficiently, connect with other coworkers, and have up-to-date information.

Benefits of Employee Intranet Software:-

1. Improves inter-communication

Intranet encourages communication across your organization. Teams can have virtual open discussions, share knowledge, manage projects/tasks, and provide updates about issues or any opportunities. The flow of thoughts and communication is two-way – hence everyone is allowed to participate and provide feedback.

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2. Independent of locations and time zones

Your intranet is the online central hub of the company where conversations take place, company strategies are shared, and events are planned. Therefore, it brings multi-location teams together. Each employee can have insight into what’s happening throughout the company regardless of where they’re based. 

3. Helps employees find information

An intranet is an assembly of information where everything valuable is posted to help employees stay updated. An intranet’s search tool enables employees to stay in the loop and find the information they need.

4. Simplifies the onboarding process

New employees can use the intranet to easily access documents, up-to-date organization charts, read bios on their peers, and access a vibrant news hub that provides information and insights into the culture of the company.

5. Amplifies recognition

Rewarding or recognizing an employee’s efforts boost their enthusiasm to work even better. Recognition helps to improve employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels. A timely appreciation or a simple ‘Good Job!’ works perfectly well for employees. 

6. Organizational clarity

Intranets possess reports and dynamic organization charts which provide clarity on the strategies and set-up of the organization. It also helps employees understand the roles and responsibilities of individuals throughout the firm through each individual’s profiles or bios.

7. Strengthening your brand and values

Intranets provide many avenues for flourishing your brand and values. This can be done by publicly recognizing employees, sharing web content and updates relating to your values and asking employees to share their feedback.

8. Reduces emails and meetings

Cluttering of inboxes with emails and calendar invites can be prevented through extensive discussion over the intranet. Its integrated chat boxes make conversations productive. Everyone remains informed regarding any meetings or discussions.

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9. Brings your workplace culture to life

A company is nothing without its employees, and modern intranets are all about the members of the firm. Bringing them together as well as bringing out the best in them enriches the company’s culture and improves employee’s performance.

10. Encourages knowledge sharing

Employee intranet software allows organic knowledge sharing to expand person-to-person connections. Sharing tips and tricks about certain projects helps the employees to improve their performance. Dispersing learning throughout the company so that the company’s knowledge can grow rapidly.



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