Is there any Risk in using seedboxes?

Often it is found that people are stepping back from using remote servers as they find them risky. Yes, “risky” is the term they used to show their ignorance for these servers. But are these remote servers indeed risky?

Lots of clauses are used forcefully to make these servers risky. Some people even compare their efficiency with that of the VPNs to build their reasons stronger and get a one-sided judgment.
However, you will be surprised to know that there still some absolute logic left that supports seedboxes quoting them as “they are not risky when used”.

Are you interested to learn why and how the seedbox is safe to use? Then you must not skip the blog and read it till the end.

Let us initiate our discussion with the definition of the remote server.

seedbox, as you all know, is a remote server that is specifically designed for hosting purposes, in a high-bandwidth data center. The large bandwidth extends from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, allowing the users to upload and download digital files very quickly.

Now since you are well aware of the remote server, it is time to introduce you with the reasons that clearly define – these servers are without any risk.

It is quite natural to find the IP addresses of all peers in a group whenever a person looks for these on their firewall program. With this exposure, it becomes easier for the attackers to track the address and manipulate or steal the necessary data. This makes the overall system quite vulnerable.

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However, with these remote servers, you don’t have to wear a jacket to protect your data from such attacks. They will indeed make your data safe and secure.

But the question is – How?

Strictly because it is a remote server

If you are reading this blog thoroughly, you will find that we have repeatedly used the term “remote” while describing the server. This is one of the primary reasons why the server is safe and secure.

Being a remote one, the servers display a remote IP address to the users, making the actual IP addresses completely invisible.

The best part of this feature is no warning or no legal notice like DMCA letters knocks the gate of the server. With such a wonderful aspect, the server ensures the users with no risk of legal issues.

This adds a security layer to the data giving an assurance to the users “yes, you can use it without hesitation”.

The Relation with Private Torrent Trackers

Seedboxes are purposely designed for running torrents and especially work for the private torrent trackers. These provide an extremely secured network allowing the users to download and upload files without fear of getting legal issues.

Yes, you heard right. Unlike the public trackers that offer malware risks, these servers prefer to work for the private one that is devoid of any risk.

Summing up

The two above-mentioned reasons are enough to clarify that seedboxes are not associated with risks. Rather they are completely secure and even work exceptionally well where VPN, the king of security tools fails to work.

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Surprised? Or feeling heartbroken of not using these servers for torrenting purposes? Don’t feel depressed. You can still rectify your mistake by installing a seedbox.


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