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Celebration of International Valentine’s Day On February 14 each year, the myth or date of Valentine’s Day is traced back to an ancient Roman celebration.

Where there was a festival called the Luper Calia, an ancient Roman festival that was held on February 15th to ensure fertility for people, herds, and fields.

In this festival, sheep and dogs were sacrificed, a celebration held in honor of the goddess Juno, the goddess of women and marriage, and the god, Pan, the god of nature. Then Pope Gelasius quoted the ancient Roman Fertility Festival and converted it to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the change of the day to February 14 instead of 15. 

This holiday is held in honor of the Roman Saint Valentine, who was imprisoned and executed to help others and that was the day February 14, when Roman Emperor Claudius issued orders not to marry during wartime because he believed that marriage weakened the ability of men and soldiers to fight in wars, but the priest Valentine went against his will and was marrying individuals and holding celebrations Marriage, so he ordered his imprisonment.

During his imprisonment, he fell in love with the daughter of the blind prison warden who regained her sight during his marriage to her, and before his execution, he sent a message to her that she could read well and the signature was Valentine. 

This day was then associated with the sending of gifts gold Valentine jewelry and cards to express love, and in memory of Saint Valentine, the same day that he was executed to become the International Day of Love.

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Love is one of the positive feelings that benefit human health, none of us does not yearn for love in all its forms – it is not only romantic love that supports the general health of a person and improves the quality of his life, for love in all patterns is required for a person to lead a healthy life.

We offer you gold valentines jewelry  a large collection of beautiful romantic necklaces that you will give to the woman you love and who you will surely like     

Our gold Valentine jewelry collection is a professionally crafted gold necklace with a fine duke All the existing sets that necklaces fit all age groups and carry in their meanings folds of love and adoration and a lot of passion.

All necklaces have spiritual inscriptions that carry many meanings in-depth, and how beautiful it is for your sweetheart to give her and be a suitable opportunity and a gold Valentine jewelry gift more appropriate for her.

Finally, If you are not convinced of valentines day online shopping at all or think that Valentine’s Day is an imported habit that does not suit you, then you must make a day alternative to Valentine’s Day, present your gift on any day that you think is appropriate to commemorate your love.

Finally, If you are not convinced of Valentine’s Day at all or think that valentines day online shopping is an imported habit that does not suit you, then you must make a day alternative to Valentine’s Day, present your gift on any day that you think is appropriate to memorialize your love now. Presenting gold Valentine jewelry gifts is the finest form of expressing your love.

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