13 Weight Loss Tips that are Really Effective

Weight Loss term is short but it takes longer when you start doing it. Gaining weight is so easy but losing weight is difficult. There are many ways to lose weight faster but all of them are not effective.

Many diet plans are difficult to follow because they keep you hungry for longer hours. By staying hungry for longer hours, you will remain unsatisfied with your diet plan. Sometimes, it is hard to stick to these types of diet plans.

Low carb diets are easier to stick with the plan. They are also effective to lose weight and there is no need to remain hungry for longer hours.

Your weight loss diet should aim to:

  • Reduce your appetite.
  • Reduce weight effectively
  • Should not harm your health.

What Should You Do?

a). Cut Back on Carbs

Sugars, carbohydrates, or starches should not be in your diet. You can reduce the hunger level by cutting carbs in your diet. You will eat fewer calories.

When you eat low carbs, your body will get energy by burning fats. Low carbs will also reduce the weight of water and bloating.

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You can lose around 4.5 kg in the first week by following a low carb diet. This weight includes both, water and fat.

b). Fat, Protein, and vegetables for Weight Loss

Your every meal should include, protein, fat, and low carb vegetables. Try eating 2 to 3 meals per day and you can add 4 as well if you feel hungry.

You can reduce your carbs intake by consuming foods that are low in carbs. For a good source of protein, you can try bone broth. Bone broth recipe is delicious and rich in nutrients.

1. Protein for Weight Loss:

If you are looking for good results by following this plan, consume plenty of protein. Protein can keep you full for longer hours and you will not feel hunger. It is also one of the most essential nutrients for our bodies.

Protein also plays an important role in weight loss.

Here are some good sources of protein:

  • Beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.
  • Salmon, shrimp, and trout.
  • Beans, soy, and legumes.

2. Low Carb Vegetables:

You can eat as much low carb vegetables as you want. They are high in many nutrients and low in carbs.

Lean meat and plenty of low carb vegetables contain all nutrients that you need to stay healthy including fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Here are some low-carb vegetables:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Cauliflower
  • Tomatoes
  • Brussels Sprouts

The above-mentioned are just some, there is a good variety of them.

3. Healthy Fats for Weight Loss:

It would be difficult to stick on the diet by cutting carbs and fats. You can eat fats.

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Here are some good sources of fats:

  • Olive oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Butter

c). Exercise

Exercise is the key to weight loss. It is not crucial if you are following a low carb diet plan But doing it could be very beneficial.

Do high-intensity exercises such as weight lifting. By doing exercise at least 3 times a week will keep your metabolism boosted. You can burn extra calories and reduce weight.

If your metabolism remains slow. You will not get good results for weight loss. Keep it boosted.

If weight lifting is not possible for you, you can do jogging, cycling, suffice, walking, running, or swimming. Cardio and weight lifting both are good to boost metabolism.

10 Other Weight Loss Tips:

a). Reduce cravings and calorie intake by taking a high protein breakfast.

b). Prevent taking fruit juice or sugary drinks.

c). Drink water before meals. By doing this, you will eat less.

d). Eat weight loss-friendly foods. Not all foods are weight loss friendly.

e). Consume a good amount of soluble fiber.

f). Take a coffee or drink tea to boost your metabolism.

g). Fill your plate with whole foods. Whole foods are healthier and can prevent overeating.

h). Eat slowly. By waiting slowly, you will eat less and feel more fil.

i). Weigh yourself daily to check the effects of your diet.

j). Get adequate sleep.


Weight-loss diets are effective you stick to the plan. If you are a food lover and willing to lose weight without getting hungry, keto diet or low carb diet is best. Best Food Blogs wrote many blogs on a low carb diet.

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